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Best in Show: These Manufacturers are Sure to Turn Heads at Global 2023

Glenn Polyn//March 1, 2023//

Best in Show: These Manufacturers are Sure to Turn Heads at Global 2023

Glenn Polyn //March 1, 2023//

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Global Pet Expo, presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), is the pet industry’s premier event featuring the newest, most innovative pet products on the market. Taking place March 22 to 24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the show is open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers and other qualified professionals.

Global Pet Expo features more than 900 exhibiting companies with the latest and greatest in pet product innovations, many of which make their debut at the annual event. In fact, Global Pet Expo 2023 will feature a larger show floor with expanded specialty sections in Natural Pet and What’s New! to meet demand in these trending product categories.

In addition, the New Products Showcase displays the latest products debuting on the market within its dedicated section on the show floor. The New Products Showcase gives exhibitors the opportunity to highlight their newest products and gives attendees a chance to preview all the newest products hitting the industry in one location at the Show. This 45,000-square-foot space on the trade show floor is set aside to recognize the year’s best creative efforts in New Product and Point-of-Purchase Displays. With nearly 1,000 entries, the New Products Showcase “Best in Show” awards are the most coveted awards given in the industry.

Global Pet Expo hosts numerous media- and influencer-exclusive events throughout the show. The Global Learning Series delivers over 40 hours of educational content developed for retailers, distributors, exhibitors and special interest groups in the pet care community.

“We often receive feedback that Global Learning Series is one of the most anticipated and valuable offerings at Global Expo, so we strive to make sure each year’s sessions are information packed and offer attendees actionable takeaways they can apply to their own businesses,” said Celeste Powers, president of PIDA. “Our presenters are experts in their fields, including industry trends, business development, workplace best practices and more. From the latest data on pet ownership to best practices for pet retailers, each session offers real-world insights that propel attendees and their businesses to new heights of success.”

Composed of four Learning Pathways, each Global Learning Series session is designed to reflect sound adult learning principles and the best thinking in the field, informed by theory, research and practice. Sessions are presented by inspiring, experienced speakers and subject matter experts sharing essential learning for organizational growth in today’s business climate in a variety of formats including workshops, presentations, exhibits and conversations.

“Each year, the APPA and PIDA teams make a concerted effort to continue evolving the Global Learning Series in order to deliver content that is of most value and interest to attendees, which is why we have expanded the popular Retail Market Tour into two sessions with a midday joint presentation for both tours, for example,” said Pete Scott, president and CEO of APPA. “We look forward to delivering value to the pet care community through this year’s Global Learning Series while celebrating our mutual successes from new product launches to business achievements, New Product Showcase Awards winners and more at Global Pet Expo 2023.”

For nearly two decades, Global Pet Expo has brought together pet products manufacturers, importers, retailers, distributors, thought leaders and creative minds advancing the $123.6 billion pet care industry. The 2023 show has “Everything You Need” to discover the latest pet products, reinvigorate your business and reimagine how we support our beloved pets.

Global Pet Expo offers ample opportunities to network with old colleagues, meet new ones and learn a thing or two along the way. When it comes to exhibitors, there are plenty of brands that are showcasing a wide range of pet products to pique the interest of retailers and distributors. What follows is a sampling of quality brands and why you should check them out during the 3-day trade show.



Alzoo shampoos provide a light, naturally derived fragrance that cleans without irritation.

Alzoo is a brand known for making shampoos that provide a light, naturally derived fragrance that cleans without irritation. The brand is planning to showcase three sustainable concentrated shampoos, which follow the same principle of the hypoallergenic shampoo that the brand introduced last year at Global Pet Expo: No single-use plastic, no transport of water, a reduction in cost and CO2 emissions.

Alzoo grooming products have three exceptional features: performance, results and scent.

Alzoo shampoos are superior performers. These gentle formulas clean quickly and thoroughly without having to use excessive product. A light, natural lather disperses throughout the dog’s fur, rinsing clean and quickly making bath time much more enjoyable for both the dog and pet parent.

Alzoo asks the question: Why should the benefits of a bath last only a day? Alzoo shampoos impart results that extend beyond bath day. A coat that looks and feels healthier, shine and luster can still be seen days after the bath.

Scent is important, and Alzoo offers a scent that isn’t overwhelming. Dogs have sensitive skin, and every ingredient that goes into a formulation can have an effect – both positive and negative.

One product to watch is Alzoo’s 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner for dogs. Thanks to surfactants in the formula, the product cleans dog hair and removes dirt while untangling and moisturizing the hair.


Annamaet Petfoods

Rob Downey, Annamaet Petfoods’ founder and president, is excited about attending Global Pet Expo to discuss three exciting, new products that will make their first appearance at the event. With a lifelong involvement in dogs, the brand continually produces cutting edge products backed by real science. In addition to Annamaet’s research-backed formulas, the company has two nutritionists on staff and has been family-owned and operated for over 36 years.

New to this year’s show is Annamaet Sensitive Skin & Stomach, an award-winning formula has generated a lot of excitement since its recent release. Using lamb and fish as a protein base, it also contains nutraceuticals that can provide anti-infl ammatory assistance for skin and digestive issues.

Annamaet has always been a leader in providing quality supplements for the active and working dog and after years in development, The brand is introducing Recovery Chews, a soft chew version of Annamaet’s Glycocharge supplement, the gold standard for post exercise glycogen replenishment since 1997.

Annamaet will also be announcing their newest Small Breed formula, which is a salmon based, healthy weight alternative to their original small breed chicken formula. Visit Annamaet at Booth 826 to learn about the brand and get in on this year’s show specials.


Ark Naturals

Ark Naturals is now a proud brand of Antelope!  We joined the Antelope team in the fall of last year and are pleased to be a key brand within the Antelope organization along with Bocce’s Bakery and Super Snouts.

The Ark Naturals brand is focused on producing high quality natural products for pets. The brand’s unique line of products provides pet parents with highly effective and differentiated products to keep their pets “healthy from tooth to tail.” Ark Naturals offers brilliant products in several key health and wellness categories; Dental, Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat, Calming, Digestive and a full line of senior products.

This year the brand will once again be featuring new products in its Dental segment at Global Pet Expo. Ark Naturals is thrilled to introduce its Original Brushless Toothpaste Soft, which provides excellent protection against plaque and tartar in a soft chew; specifically made for dogs who cannot tolerate a hard dental chew.  In addition, the brand is launching a dental chew called “Fortify,” which is fortified with calcium to help support strong teeth.  It also supports immune health with essential omega fatty acids.  Finally, the brand is launching an exciting new product line called Breath Bursts. This product is an on-the-go breath freshener for those up-close experiences with our furry loved ones. It can also double as a training treat and is an on the go and feel-good treat for our pets. Stop by our Booth 406 to learn more.


Barking Buddha

Barking Buddha is a family-owned and operated pet brand that is happy to support local recues and no-kill animal shelters. The Florida-based company is dedicated to making your favorite brands of holistic treats, chews, grass-fed bully sticks and even organic grooming products. Known as the creators of the Original Beef Cheek, some favorite brands include Buddha Bubbles and Longlastics When it comes to pet edibles, the brand only sources proteins that are treated humanely, contain no added antibiotics, are grass-fed, free-range and sustainably sourced. Barking Buddha takes pet health very seriously, and the company makes sure that its products reflect the brand’s belief that a healthy and happy life begins with good nutritional food and treats.

At Barking Buddha, co-founders Patrick and Lucy Caprez understand that the folks who buy high quality dog treats also want all-natural products that are good for their pets but will not break their bank. Because of these reasons, they created Barking Buddha Pet to offer a healthy alternative for the pet lover that wants to give their dog a healthy and balanced diet for their inside, and organic grooming that will heal their outside. Barking Buddha believes that “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food” – Hippocrates.



F.M. Brown’s, which can be found at Booth 4962 during Global Pet Expo, is a trusted producer of quality and innovative small animal, pet bird, pigeon, wild bird, and backyard chicken products that nourish the lives of pets and parents.

Small Animal Food: See the latest “on trend” foods added to the Tropical Carnival Natural Behaviors family. The brand’s Natural Behaviors Foraging Pellets are a newly formulated pelleted diet that reduces selective feeding while offering holistic, palatable nutrition for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

Small Animal Treats: We’re bringing garden and orchard favorites indoors to your pets with: Tropical Carnival Natural Timothy Snickets, made with Timothy hay, combined with healthy fruits and veggies; Tropical Carnival® Natural Peas and Carrots; and Tropical Carnival® Natural Garden Harvest with veggies galore.

Wild Bird: We are offering a new wild bird delicacy, Garden Chic! Super Fly Grubs. Songbirds will flock to feeders for this nutritious treat. Super Fly Grubs are sustainably farmed, eco-friendly, and provide more calcium and protein than traditional mealworms.

Backyard Poultry: We have six wholesome Encore Farm Fresh Fixins backyard poultry and fowl treats that contain healthy blends of nutrient-rich grains, seeds, veggies, mealworms, flowers and herbs.

Attendees can also take advantage of a promotion on select Tropical Carnival items available through the brand’s distributors.


COLLAR Company

COLLAR Company is an innovative Ukrainian pet supplies manufacturer that has gained a strong following among pet parents and professionals in the international pet market. Since its inception in 1995, COLLAR has grown into an international company with a team of more than 500 employees. Th e innovative pet supplies made by COLLAR are available in 78 countries worldwide. For over 27 years, the company has offered a wide range of pet products for dogs, cats and aquatic livestock.

COLLAR’s mission has always been one of research, development and manufacturing extraordinary products that surpasses customers’ needs. COLLAR Company has gained worldwide attention its family of brands, which include WAUDOG accessories for dogs and cats, the PULLER fitness tool line, AiryVest pet clothing line, LIKER, PitchDog and Flyber dog toys and the AquaLighter aquarium line for professional and novice fishkeepers.

Visit Booth 5260 and meet COLLAR Company founder Yuriy Sinitsa, recipient of a Pet Age ICON Award in recognition of his 20+ years of commitment and contribution to the pet industry


GF Pet

A proudly certified women-owned business, GF Pet is on a mission to create a better apparel experience for all shapes of dogs – one dog at a time. And that is exactly what the brand is doing, by making great fit the No. 1 criteria in every style it creates. GF Pet is also on the same mission for dog owners, to make the process so much easier for them too. Pet parents can now have the peace of mind that their fur baby is warm, comfortable and protected while maintaining full freedom of movement. After all, dogs will be dogs, and a GF Pet-dressed dog has the freedom to move like the dog they want to be.

Torn between fashion and function? Find both together at the GF Pet Booth 4627 as Jarrad Freeman, GF Pet’s vice president of sales, will be on hand to show off exciting new styles of patented Elasto-fit design coats, raincoats, hoodies, denim jackets, boots, ice vests and other great fitting and attractive apparel like the classic chunky Chalet Sweater, base layers, tees and more. Plus, by popular demand, the brand is bringing back a limited quantity of such fun and favorite styles as the Summit Elasto-fit Puffer and Trekking Sweater in the full range of colors.

Looking for more trendy items from pet industry trendsetters? Be sure to stop by the GF Pet booth to see exciting items like the company’s sleek and contemporary new Acrylic Feeder, super-soft cozy blanket and other must-have accessories. Or just come by to feel the incredible quality and addictive hand-feel of GF Pet confections and fall in love with the brand.


H&H Group
Zesty Paws is an award-winning brand that makes functional supplements for cats and dogs. At Global Pet Expo, Zesty Paws will be showcasing new products like the All-in-One Training Bites, All-in-One Functional Dental Bones, and a line of puppy products. Zesty Paws recently added these tasty treats and supplements to its portfolio.

As America’s first holistic pet food brand, Solid Gold’s history is rooted in innovation. Solid Gold’s range of premium kibble, wet food, supplements, and toppers uses benefit-driven ingredients that nourish pets inside and out. Solid Gold continues to be a pioneer in gut health with its Nutrientboost blend, which is proven to help support nutrient absorption, gut health, and overall immunity in pets with its expansion into the core kibble line, treats, and toppers. Solid Gold will be introducing a new line of Dog Supplements powered by its proprietary Bioboost technology. The line includes solutions for Joint Support, Gut Health, and Allergy Support as well as a Multi-Vitamin and its Grass Guardian line to prevent grass burns.

Global Pet Expo attendees can visit both Zesty Paws and Solid Gold at Booth 1609. Each attendee can stop by to create a customized photo printout and take part in helping the brands leave their digital “paw print” on the Orlando pet community.


Jolly Pets

Jolly Pets will be launching Fill’n Treat at Global Pets Expo, which is an all-natural, limited ingredient tasty reward that your pup will go nuts for! Insert our easy-to-dispense nozzle into any of our interactive treat toys for enrichment or training. Place the treat filled toy into the freezer to create a challenging extended treat session!

Fill’n Treat is made in the U.S.A. with 100 percent natural ingredients, enriched with real pumpkin for healthy digestion. Absolutely no preservative, artificial flavors, colors, added sugar, salts, high fructose corn syrup or xylitol. Fill’n Treat is a drool-worthy peanutty stuffer. Great to stuff in Jolly Pets toys to make playtime longer. Fill’n Treat is offered in a five-ounce, no-mess tube as well as 1oz travel sachets that are perfect for on the go treating and training.

Jolly Pets will offer one free 10-pack of one-ounce sachets for every 24 Jolly Dippers to retailers who purchase at the show in booth 4005.


K9 Granola Factory

K9 Granola Factory is excited to showcase its existing offerings of treats for dogs and preview several new additions to the already popular Chip Collection.

From the cake-like flavor and texture in the Soft Bakes to the scrumptious taste of the Crunchers, pets have come to love the homemade taste baked into each K9 Granola Factory treat. This popular brand has garnered a lot of attention recently for its eye-catching line of gourmet Donuts for Dogs with fun seasonal flavors and its complimentary collection of Coffee for People.

New this year is the expansion of the Chip Collection with eight delicious new items. These treats are a healthy alternative that’s big on flavor and low on calories.

K9 Granola Factory is committed to serving independent pet stores as well as supporting local businesses and artisans whenever possible. The array of bath products aimed at pampering pets with ingredients that are gentle on both pets and humans is an example of this collaboration.

Global attendees are invited to stop by Booth 934 to meet the family, see what’s new and enjoy a great cup of coffee.


Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition

Visit Booth 5836 for Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition, a world leader in quality animal nutrition trusted by professionals, veterinarians, and pet owners since 1989. The brand’s story started at the zoo, supporting zoo professionals with high-quality nutrition products for exotic animals under their care. This background and expertise inspired Mazuri to bring professional-grade animal nutrition to exotic pet owners everywhere, helping families cover mealtime with ease.

Mazuri offers food for all specialty pet categories, including small animals, pet birds, reptiles, waterfowl, fish, and farm animals.  The newest addition to its product offering for the small animal category is Mazuri Hamster & Gerbil Diet, which will be featured at Global Pet Expo 2023 New Product Showcase. This unique product, formulated by Mazuri Ph.D. nutritionists, offers a mix of protein, fiber and starch levels to meet the nutritional needs of hamsters and gerbils at every life stage. The tasty, extruded morsels come in various fun shapes and sizes to help encourage foraging and helps promote proper dental care. This product was launched in February 2023 and is now available.



MyFamily, made in Italy, for every pet. The premier Italian brand will be showcasing an extensive array of lifestyle accessories for pets at Global Pet Expo 2023. Both functional and durable, MyFamily’s products express the personality of four-legged friends and their humans. New products will focus on small dogs with X-shaped harnesses from the “Saint Tropez” collection, and cats with breakaway collars designed specifically for them, from the revolutionary “memopet” collection that include NFC chips allowing them to become virtual data bases.

Also, on display will be more than 700 ID tag designs and a dozen collar, leash and harness collections all created at its Valenza headquarters, a craft manufacturing and design hub in northern Italy.

In addition, the self-service Techla and new XL engraving machines will also be on display, with award winning modular displays that are made to enhance pet specialty retail stores and create a unique shopping experience for customers.

Come by Booth 4009, feel real Italian leather, make an ID tag and immerse yourself in MyFamily’s unique textures and designs.


Native Pet

Native Pet took a trip to the groomers and will be walking into Global with a new look. Their new packaging is a little more eye-catching, but inside, they’re still the same supplements that Native Pet customers know and love. Heading into 2023, Native Pet is homing in on what they’re best in show for: innovation, efficacy, whole food & limited-ingredients, and taste. Native Pet is also unveiling your dog’s all-in-one, super supplement, The Daily. This tasty formula is made with functional ingredients to support their mobility, energy, gut health, and so much more. Every single ingredient was hand-selected to support the health of dogs and the everyday ailments that they face. This powder supplement features 10 benefits in 1 tasty, daily scoop for a lifetime of tail wags.


Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals is a family owned and operated company. Made in an active human grade USDA run facility delivering meat to grocery stores and restaurants across the country. All commodities are inspected and passed USDA by their own USDA inspector who is on-site for every production run.

Northwest Naturals makes both raw frozen and raw freeze-dried diets for dogs and cats in multiple proteins to satisfy any picky eater. With their quick thaw sizes and bulk options every pet owner is sure to find recipes that work for their household.

The large assortment of single ingredient frozen and freeze-dried treats will make every pet come running when they hear the bag being opened. And the newest category in the NWN line is Functional Toppers. Feeding your pet with beneficial toppers for palatability makes meal time easy and convenient.

Be sure and stop by the Northwest Naturals Booth 414 for a raw deal that can’t be beat. The more you buy the more you save. Here’s a little secret, if you go into the Northwest Naturals booth and say, “Disrupt the kibble,” you’ll win a prize.


Pet King Brands

Pet King Brands is celebrating twenty-five years as the leader of the veterinarian-recommended enzyme-based pet health remedy products ZYMOX Ear and Skin, Oratene Brushless Oral Care, Equine Defense and Zylafen. These proven effective, non-toxic products have been helping small and large animals resolve ear, skin, and oral conditions with the power of LP3 Enzyme System, not antibiotics or harsh ingredients. Our products are proudly made in the USA with trusted ingredients that are powerful yet gentle.

Visit Booth 3255 to register to win a $200 Visa gift card, receive your 2023 commemorative patch and learn more about the products that have changed the way people care for their pet’s ears, skin and mouth. Be sure to ask about our lineup of new products introduced during 2023.




Groove with Polkadog’s Party Treats and Monstah Crabs. Boston’s iconic Polkadog, one of the most trusted and grooviest treat-makers in the industry, brings two brand new healthy delectables to Global.

With so many customers around the world asking for their twenty-year celebration, Polkadog grabbed some peanut butter and some bananas, and cooked up Cake Batter. Cake Batter is a ridiculously, scrumptiously soft and chewy party treat to crown every single doggie celebratory event ever created, and even those party events yet to be created in the floofy, ear-scritchy Utopian future.

Grab the Crab! Help the Kelp! Polkadog’s crunchy Green Monstah is the newest addition to their line of healthy, limited-ingredient, eco-friendly, ultra-sustainable treats.

Finding ways to manage the over-abundance of green crab populations in New England waters is the challenge. The reward is the restoration of biodiversity in coastal ecosystems, and the creation of new economic opportunity for local fishers. And because high-protein kelp, one of the healthiest, richest sources of amino acids, faces increasing stress from warming waters and invasive crab species, New England kelp farming is restoring balance to the natural ecosystems.

Green Monstah is delicious, nutritious, and just the newest contribution from the conscientious Polkadog kitchen.


Project Hive Pet Company

Project Hive Pet Company is launching The Hive Scent Collection: an innovative line of dog toys in a bee-utiful array of aromas and colors.

Dogs engage with the world through their sense of smell, and these scented toys are designed to fulfill this key enrichment need. The Hive Scent Collection is available in five scents that appeal to both humans and dogs: Wild Berry, Tropical Coconut, Calming Lavender, Sweet Mango, and Soothing Vanilla.

These made-in-the-USA toys maintain all the benefits of the original unscented dog toys. They float, are dishwasher-safe (the scent will not dissipate), BPA-free, gentle on dogs’ teeth and gums, recyclable, and multi-functional. The Hive Chew Toy and Fetch Stick also serve as treat dispensers for the Hive Chew Stick dog treats; the Disc also functions as a soothing lick mat.

In alignment with Project Hive Pet Company’s mission to save the bees, all aromas in the Hive Scent Collection are inspired by plants that feed and need bees for pollination. Every purchase helps save bees by planting healthy wildflower habitat. Project Hive Pet Company is a member of 1% for the Planet and is B Corp Certified.

Visit Booth 1203 to (smell and) see why retailers are buzzing with excitement about these fragrant dog toys!



Visit Booth 4388 during Global Pet Expo 2023 to learn about sera’s newest – and completely digital – services: the new web shop as well as the “sera Academy.” With the new web shop, the German family-owned aquatic brand will offer retail partners an optimised and easy ordering experience that includes several special user-friendly features: for instance smartphone ordering via an integrated app with scanning capability or a quick order option. The import of prefabricated orders via .xlsx, .csv-format is also possible. Documents such as invoices, product images, user manuals etc., are available to download following a one-stop-shop principle. Exclusive offers for web shop customers complete sera’s new service.

The sera Academy is a digital learning platform for retailers and all other industry professionals looking to build, refresh or extend their knowledge in the fields of nutrition, care and technology for freshwater, marine and pond fish as well as reptiles. It provides online self-study courses that are interactive, accessible 24/7 and – of course – free of charge. Users can access courses dedicated to topics like “foundations of fish nutrition,” “nutrients and their sources” or “ichthyology” and courses on sera products that provide expert knowledge and practical advice for retailers. Upon successful completion of a course, which includes a quiz, users automatically receive personalised, downloadable certificates. The sera Academy is currently available in German and will soon be available in English and French.


Shameless Pet

Shameless Pets is leading the movement to prevent food waste by baking delicious pet treats made with high-quality ingredients, including upcycled superfoods. The brand believes upcycling makes everything better:

Quality treats? Shameless treats are crafted to pack health benefits into every bag. Take a look at its ingredients, and you’ll find upcycled superfoods like sweet potatoes and pumpkins that deliver sought-after health benefits such as digestive support.

The treat flavors? They are crazy delicious. Shameless seeks out pet-adored ingredients to upcycle; therefore, the brand’s treats are crafted with real ingredients that pets love, plus free from ingredients they don’t need. With over 1 million 5-star reviews online, Shameless treats are delivering joy to pets and pet parents.

Our planet? Preventing food waste is the No. 1 action the brand can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By upcycling ingredients, Shameless is helping to prevent food waste and take action to fight climate change. To date, Shameless has upcycled over 1 million pounds of food and its on track to save 5 million pounds by 2025.


Supreme Petfoods

Supreme will be showcasing products from its highly successful Science Selective and Tiny Friends Farm ranges at Booth 4855 during Global Pet Expo.

Science Selective Junior Guinea Pig expands Supreme’s range of lifestage diets reflecting consumer demand for species-specific, tailored nutrition, and helps give guinea pigs up to the age of 20 weeks, the best start in life. Supreme offer free samples of all life-stage diets, including Science Selective Junior, Adult and Four+ Rabbit Food. Conveniently sized packs contain a sample of the extruded nuggets and are particularly successful with highly palatable brands like Science Selective.

Russel Rabbit and Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets expand the great value, wholesome Tiny Friends Farm range. The extruded nuggets prevent selective feeding and are irresistibly crunchy without the need for added sugars to bind ingredients or improve taste. Fun, eye-catching packaging ensures fantastic emotional engagement.

The Science Selective Food For Life and Tiny Friends Farm Great Value campaigns help boost brand awareness globally. Retailers can benefit from POS material to promote their products in-store, from traditional barkers and wobblers to care guides, loyalty cards and free samples. Don’t miss Supreme’s Buy Two Get One Free show deal featuring a range of Science Selective and Tiny Friends Farm products.


Vitakraft Sun Seed

In 2008, two family-owned companies, Vitakraft and Sunseed, joined together to create a special new company, appropriately (and creatively) named Vitakraft Sun Seed. Each company complemented the other in traits like understanding what pets and pet parents want and need. In addition, each company had a strong reputation for innovation in high quality products for pet bird, small animal, cat and dog products. It was the perfect synergy.

Now, when pet parents think about wanting healthy foods and treats that their pets will love, they turn to Vitakraft Sunseed. In order to continuously meet pet parents’ expectations, Vitakraft Sunseed uses on-staff nutritionists, veterinarians, zoologists, and engineers to curate the finest of ingredients that nutritionally go above and beyond.  With more than 1,600 employees worldwide, all focused on and dedicated to enhancing the lives of both pets and pet parents, Vitakraft Sunseed is a trusted brand known for making pets’ lives happy and healthy.