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AKC Canine Health Foundation, V Foundation for Cancer Research Join Forces to Fight Cancer

Pet Age Staff//March 14, 2018//

AKC Canine Health Foundation, V Foundation for Cancer Research Join Forces to Fight Cancer

Pet Age Staff //March 14, 2018//

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The AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKC CHF) and the V Foundation for Cancer Research announced a collaboration to fund cancer research for dogs that may also benefit people.

In an area of research known as “comparative oncology,” the two national organizations find they speak the same language. Comparative oncology is the discipline that integrates naturally occurring cancers in dogs into broader studies of cancer biology and therapy. Since dogs and people get many of the same cancers, the AKC CHF and the V Foundation have teamed up to fund research in this field to benefit both species.

One of the cancers that occurs in both dogs and people is bladder cancer. Bladder cancer affects approximately 40,000 dogs and 79,000 people a year. The first project the AKC CHF and the V Foundation are jointly funding will test a new, targeted immunotherapy against a specific gene mutation that occurs in bladder cancer. Nicola Mason, BVetMed, PhD, a veterinary researcher at the University of Pennsylvania will lead the research team in this clinical trial entitled, “Immune Targeting of the V600E B-Raf Neoantigen in Canine Urothelial Carcinoma.”

“The V Foundation is excited about this partnership with the AKC CHF. Our funding of research in comparative oncology represents our belief that this work benefits humans and dogs alike. We are honored to co-fund this grant in memory of David Kane,” said Susan Braun, CEO of the V Foundation.

“As veterinarians, we are trained to understand disease processes across species and have a clear understanding of the field of comparative oncology and comparative medicine,” said Dr. Diane Brown, CEO of the AKC CHF. “What is important now is to see human medicine working closely with veterinary medicine to benefit all species, and in this case, dogs and humans. We are thrilled to work with the V Foundation to lead in this area of research for a new cancer vaccine. Together we are stronger, and joining forces for bladder cancer research just makes sense.”