A Q&A with Chuck Simons, CEO of Groomers Helper

October 3, 2017

Q What was the inspiration for you to enter the pet industry?

A Our beloved black Labrador, Russell, passed away in  1985, and both my wife, Beth, and I were devastated. To help deal with it, she found a job bathing dogs for a vet-based groomer and fell in love with pet grooming, and it is still her passion. Today, Beth is the only Certified Master Groomer in the region, and The Pet Salon is one of the highest volume shops in South Jersey. So losing Russell put both of our lives on a wonderful new course, but we will always miss him.

Q Why did you feel the need to invent the Groomers Helper Safety and Positioning System?  

A I became Beth’s first bather when we purchased the Pet Salon in 1988. I saw her struggling to cut nails and finish faces and of course I was concerned about her being bitten. I knew there had to be a solution for this, but no matter where I looked I could not find a product to do the job. Then I found an existing product that looked like it could be part of the answer and used it as a piece of the foundation of the Groomers Helper Safety & Positioning System. Today, we are helping groomers work more efficiently and much safer for both themselves and the pets they work with.

Q What does it mean to you to be the exclusive distributor of the ActiVet and DUO line of brushes?

A It is truly an honor to be the exclusive distributor in North America for ActiVet brushes. The ActiVet brushes fit perfectly into our line of timesaving products for professionals, significantly reduce both physical and mental stress, and are of the highest quality. The new ActiVet DUOs let groomers get two different task-designed brushes on the same flexible head, which not only saves them time but considerable money as well. They are simply the finest pet grooming brushes in the world.

Q What were your thoughts on the ClotIt wound care product when you heard about it earlier this year?

A I think all caring groomers have been looking for the right product that not only effectively stops bleeding, but is gentle to the pet and does not harshly sting or hurt them when it is applied. ClotIt is that product. It is not only all natural, but it also does not stain fur, fingers or tables, does not clump, and has an unlimited shelf life. It can be used on both minor and major wounds, and it works on dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. It’s another product that fit the line perfectly. Our slogan for ClotIt is “Do No Harm.”

Q What is the story of how you met your current dog?

A We were at the Eukanuba dog show when a magnificent black Lab came into our booth. I asked the owner if there were any puppies, and he asked why in the world I wanted to train a puppy. That was the beginning of how we recently adopted a wonderful female black Lab that was relinquished back to the breeder by the owner. Her name is Cuddy, she is the love of our lives and she comes to work with me every day

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