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A Proactive Approach

Glenn Polyn//March 3, 2020//

A Proactive Approach

Glenn Polyn //March 3, 2020//

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Many of your consumers are the proud pet owners of a puppy or kitten, and chances are that they have become one of the most important parts of their lives. For those of us within the pet industry, we’ve turned our passion of pet wellness and health into a career and are spreading the love through the creation of life-changing products. Puppies and kittens are at a critical stage of their lives, so fostering their mental and physical development and preventing any occurrences that might interfere with that is of the utmost importance.

Supporting Nutrition

Puppies in particular require up to twice the energy intake of adult dogs and should consume food that contains 25 to 30 percent protein. It should be mentioned, though, that puppies are used to a diet solely consisting of milk, so their bones are still fragile and growing rapidly. In order to ingrain some of the milk benefits that can deliver crucial nutrients to a puppy as they transition to solid food, many veterinarians recommend providing the puppy with a daily nutritional supplement.

Amino acids, zinc, prebiotics, fatty acids and antioxidants are all on the list of nutrients that a puppy should have daily, but managing multiple vitamin bottles can be tricky. Vetericyn’s ALL-IN Dog Supplement encompasses all of these nutrients in one daily dose, providing a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for overall well-being, while simultaneously promoting cognitive development for the puppy. And as an added bonus, it tastes like a treat.

Kittens also need fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins to supplement their diet. The amino acid taurine, found only in meat, is of particular importance for a kitten’s vision and heart function. Similar to puppies, kittens can have up to three times the energy requirements of fully grown cats, so ensuring that they eat three or four meals a day to meet their calorie intake requirement is a necessity.

However, even vitamins and proper nutrition can’t help a puppy or kitten when they have an unexpected wound or scrape.

Providing Wound Care

Imagine this scenario: A kitten falls off her post and, of course, lands on her feet. Along the way, however, she bumps her cheek into a table and gets a scratch. While taking her to the vet is a valid option, there are products that can be used at home to prevent inflammation and help heal the wound. The non-toxic Vetericyn Plus Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy can flush out any foreign material, both soothing the scrape and preventing any potential infections. Common feline issues around the face, such as cat acne, sores, tooth and gum inflammation, and allergy symptoms in the eyes and the ears, can also be treated with this product.

Now let’s say that a puppy gets into the same situation; while at the park, he stumbles face-first into a shrub. A comparable alternative for him, or any other pet, is the Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound and Skin Care. This amazing product sets the stage for optimal healing conditions, keeping the wounded area clean and moist while providing a powerful, non-toxic alternative to antibiotics and steroids. The puppy’s pain will be alleviated within minutes.

Pet Needs

While love and attention are high up on the list of what a puppy or kitten needs, it’s important to consider their physical and psychological well-being, too. For every pet owner that conducts research about nutrition and preventative products ahead of time, their puppy or kitten becomes supported in all walks of life.

Monitoring the puppy or kitten’s nutrition and wellness will pay off in the long run, helping them to develop and flourish for years. As we look to continue to develop products that work to maintain puppy and kitten health through a proactive approach, it’s critical that we inform pet owners to continue to feed them nourishing food, supplemented with the nutrients they need.