Wondercide Partners with Hollywood Feed

Pet Age Staff//November 15, 2017//

Wondercide Partners with Hollywood Feed

Pet Age Staff //November 15, 2017//

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Wondercide, a market leader in innovative, holistic solutions for natural pet care, announced that it has secured placement in Hollywood Feed, a pet supply chain serving the southern region for over 60 years.

Hollywood Feed now proudly offers the all-natural power of Wondercide throughout its stores, offering its loyal customers a variety of Wondercide products. Pet parents can now purchase all three fragrances of the Pets + Home product line, Yard + Garden Sprays, the Ear Care and Skin Care lines, and various Wondercide supplements at Hollywood Feed stores.Hollywood Feed

In the 1950s, Hollywood Feed opened its first store in Memphis, Tennessee and has continued growing across the south ever since.

“We started as a local feed store for the surrounding Delta farmland, and ultimately became a trusted neighborhood purveyor of pet supplies as the city of Memphis grew up around us,” said Shawn McGhee, owner of Hollywood Feed.

Now, with 58 locations across the southern United States and new stores opening frequently, Hollywood Feed is known for its unmatched service, honest value and its goal to provide loyal customers only the best products the company tests and believes in.

“We are very proud to be a brand that meets Hollywood Feed’s high standards for exceptional quality, made in the USA products and unwavering support for our communities,” said Stephanie Boone, founder and CEO of Wondercide. “We are excited to be their trusted partner and to support them in continued growth.”