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What’s New?

Tom Mazorlig//July 1, 2015//

What’s New?

Tom Mazorlig //July 1, 2015//

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I’d like to draw your attention to two new, semi-regular columns that we are starting in this issue. The first is our Pet Tech column. This will address all aspects of technology that affect the pet industry.

The inaugural column is on launching an e-commerce store along with your brick-and-mortar.
What’s in the future for this column? You’ll have to read future issues to find out but please make suggestions via social media or talking with the Pet Age team at a trade show to give us your ideas.
The other new column is called Industry Leaders. Here we are letting some of the, well, leaders of the pet industry sound off on the topics of their choice. We will have a rotating cast for this column.

Doug Poindexter, president of World Pet Association, starts it off by talking about the value of trade shows, including SuperZoo.

Which brings us to the main event of July. Like most of the rest of the pet industry, Pet Age is gearing up for the big show out west. We will be at booth #16138 so please stop by to check out our latest publications or just to chat.

Truthfully though, the editorial staff will be spending most our time checking out the show floor. We’ll be looking for interesting and innovative new products and sniffing out the latest trends so we can keep our readership on the ball in the coming months.

There’s no telling what we’ll see. Will hobby chicken keeping still be the rage? What new forms of LEDs will be  available? Which new exotic animal protein will be turning up in the dog food bowl next? We intend to find the answers to those questions and a whole lot more.

If you see me or assistant editor Rebekah Harrison on the show floor, please say “Hi.” Just please don’t be offended if we have to dash off quickly. There’s a lot to cover and we intend to cover it all!