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We’ve Come a Long Way

Pet Age Staff//December 3, 2013//

We’ve Come a Long Way

Pet Age Staff //December 3, 2013//

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The Publisher’s Letter as printed in the December 2013 edition of Pet Age magazine

One year. I can’t believe it.

Being the publisher of this magazine has been an amazing ride so far, and it’s one I am happy I have been able to share with so many friends.

The opportunity has become a dream come true and one extremely long work in progress.

In this time we have been able to go to shows such as Backer, Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo.

But we have also gone to numerous open houses all over the country and been able to visit different manufacturers and see what they are doing in the pet industry.

We have gone to store openings to tour them, and see what retailers are doing to better their business. Our staff has attended pet writing retreats, blogger summits, reptile shows and aquatic conferences, just to name a few.

I personally have flown thousands of miles to meet with distributors and manufacturers from around the country, and that’s doesn’t include the places our editors and account executives have been.

What does it all mean?

It means we are preparing for an event better year next year. We are proud of what we have done this year, but we are not resting, we are always looking for ways to become a better publication, and we believe with all the knowledge we gained in 2013, it has set us up well for 2014.

We hope to provide even more information to the retailers, as well as learn more from them and the manufacturers. We want to become even more engaged in every available medium that we can get our hands on. We want to continue to make a better product that services you even better.

We encourage you to check out our ever expanding website, updated daily with news as we receive it, to help everyone in the industry.

We continue to interact with our readers through social media to keep you current with everything going on.

Look for our digital media section to continue to expand as we provide more Up Close With videos and Behind the Scenes.

Retailers, we continue to work with top manufacturers and distributors on exclusive stories that will only be found at Pet Age, like this month’s feature on PetSafe and our story on PetPaint’s appearance on the TV show “Shark Tank.”

We at Pet Age are not resting on what we did this year. To us, it is just a start of the great things to come. We believe that there are always constant improvements that can be made to the magazine, online and off.

As the 2014 publication year starts, look for Pet Age to continue coming out with new material, articles, events and information for you to use to help your business.

While we gear up for 2014 we also wish for another, and even more, successful year for the retailers, manufacturers and distributors out there. We hope your year was just as good as ours.

– Craig Rexford