Let’s Talk!

Pet Age Staff//January 7, 2017//

Let’s Talk!

Pet Age Staff //January 7, 2017//

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On Thursday, January 5, Pet Age published an article on pet trends from a third party on our website. In an oversight on our part, we failed to recognize the piece included opinionated content regarding dog breeders and pet stores.
The piece, which was immediately removed from our website when the content was discovered, does not represent the opinion of Pet Age. It is our responsibility to remain objective and do our due diligence. This was not our original content, and we continue to refrain from publishing material that takes a stance on either side of an issue.
That said, we firmly believe this allows us the opportunity to call the pet supply industry together to a live, open, honest and fact-based discussion on the realities of this very sensitive topic. We will explore an opportunity to mediate this discussion and hope to announce this event when we do.
In the meantime, please know that we strive for complete accuracy in every piece of content we produce, procure and report on. We thank you for your ongoing support while we continue to support you, the pet industry.
Allen Basis
Executive Publisher
Pet Age


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