Rescue Rodeo Gives Shelter Dogs a Makeover

Pet Age Staff//March 27, 2019//

Rescue Rodeo Gives Shelter Dogs a Makeover

Pet Age Staff //March 27, 2019//

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Press release: Wahl Clipper Corporation

Shelter dogs from across the country found their forever home thanks to the Rescue Rodeo – an annual event sponsored by Wahl at the Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference.

The rodeo marked the 11th time Wahl has sponsored the event, which pits professional groomers against each other in a friendly canine makeover competition. It had a heartwarming ending – the shelter dogs in the competition were placed for adoption and found forever homes after their makeovers.

“Helping dogs find their forever homes is such a rewarding experience,” said Chelsea Compton, marketing and communications coordinator, Wahl Clipper. “The Wahl team understands that overall health and happiness are the building blocks for a happy and healthy animal, and we’re so happy to enable groomers to be able to contribute in this way.”

As part of the Rescue Rodeo, each professional groomer participating in the contest was assigned a shelter dog for rescue. They then had two and a half hours to prep work, bathe, dry and groom the animal. Qualified judges evaluated the contest based on how the styling suited the dog’s conformation, grooming techniques, overall technical finish, handling of animals, degree of difficulty and change in overall appearance from start to finish.

In addition to donations to the charity of choice, Rescue Rodeo winners received cash prizes ranging from $1,000 for first place to $300 for fifth place.

Wahl will continue its tradition of sponsoring this event at SuperZoo (booth 6749) in August. The competition will once again be open to all groomers willing to show their skill in every aspect of the grooming process.


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