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Trends & Products: Natural Nutrition for Pets

Glenn Polyn//September 1, 2021//

Young happy lovers runnung with a dog on meadow with green grass and blue sky

Trends & Products: Natural Nutrition for Pets

Glenn Polyn //September 1, 2021//

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Thanks to the humanization of pets, aspects of human life have crept into our companion animals. One area where this is obvious can be found in pet food. Pet parents are delighted whent they find a pet food recipe that is organic, sustainable or natural.

While sustainability can be proved through transparency, and the term “organic” is backed by industry certification, the natural trend is a tricky one. The term “natural” is not easily defined, and many consider it to be more of a marketing term that tells a consumer the food will not contain any artificial colors or ingredients.

It’s important to note that, while there are no regulations governing the use of the term “natural,” the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) describes it as “a feed or feed ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources… not having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and not containing any additives or processing aids that are chemically synthetic.”

What pet parents come to expect from natural dog food is a premium diet derived from high quality ingredients that are free of preservatives. That means animal protein, fruits and vegetables should appear close to, if not at, the top of the ingredients list.

Although natural pet food often comes with an added expense, it is in high demand. Today’s consumers believe that this premium pet food comes with benefits that far outweigh the cost, and we are confident that demand will remain strong going forward.




Nature's Logic Distinction FamilyNature’s Logic Distinction

Nature’s Logic Distinction is a 100 percent natural, whole-meat first diet containing no synthetic vitamins. Because 95 percent of the protein in Distinction comes from animals, Distinction is high in natural taurine. Easily digestible and palatable, Distinction contains no potatoes, peas or other legumes. Distinction is only available in independent pet stores. Distinction bags are the first Certified Plastic Neutral bags in the pet industry.




Applaws pouch foodApplaws Broth Pouches

Applaws grain-free broth pouches for cats are a convenient way to deliver the highest-quality meat protein in a range of deli-inspired recipes. The food is 100 percent natural, featuring pieces of tender chicken breast or fish fillet in broth that can be viewed through the window on the front. Nothing is added and nothing is hidden. Applaws broth pouches for cats are intended for intermittent or supplementary feeding only.





Wellness_RawRev_PCH18112_HlthyWt_4lb_FrontWellness CORE RawRev

Wellness CORE RawRev is a line of high-protein, natural dry dog food kibble. The recipes combine high-protein, grain-free kibble with 100 percent pure, raw freeze-dried meat bites, giving dogs the pure protein, natural enzymes and full flavor they need to thrive. Available in six flavors, Wellness CORE RawRev makes for a delicious topper, snack or complete and balanced meal.





Squarepet Natural ChickenSquarely Natural

Each variety in the Squarely Natural line starts with a single protein as turkey or lamb is in the dog food and chicken is in the cat food. As a second ingredient, it contains a single carbohydrate source: brown and white rice. The complete diet is rounded out with a single fat, sunflower oil, which is rich in essential Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Squarely Natural is especially amenable to pets with food sensitivities.





Rosewood Naturals (3)Rosewood Naturals

Since 2005, Naturals has been producing 100 percent natural, healthy and stimulating eats for all small animals. With products that include food and treats, the Naturals line was born out of the belief that pet parents want healthier, more innovative and stimulating products for their pets. Grown in their picturesque German meadows then prepared with minimal processing and never any sugars. Sure to brighten any pet’s day.




Vera L GoldenfeastGoldenfeast

Versele-Laga’s Goldenfeast Bountiful Bird Foods delivers a natural bounty of delicious and exotic ingredients from all over the world. Companion birds will enjoy foraging through dried fruits, vegetables, assorted nuts, legumes, first crop seeds and ancient grains. Goldenfeast foods are free of artificial additives including synthetic vitamins. Protected probiotics are added to help support immunity and gut health. Goldenfeast is an independent retailer only brand, not sold in mass merchandise stores or mass ecommerce retailers.



OrgaNOMics- Turkey, Duck & Chicken Dinner for DogsOrgaNOMics

OrgaNOMics Pet Food is organically sourced and made in the U.S.A. using only meat-based premium quality proteins and produce. All selectively sourced meals are grain and gluten free and produced in BPA free cans. Offerings are Beef & Pork, Chicken, Lamb & Beef, Salmon & Duck and Turkey, Duck & Chicken Dinners for Dogs as well as Beef & Pork, Chicken, Lamb & Beef, Turkey, Duck & Chicken, Salmon & Duck Dinners for Cats.






Merrick Whole Earth Farms Chicken Rice Dog FoodWhole Earth Farms

Merrick Pet Care has relaunched Whole Earth Farms with wet and dry food recipes that have been developed with the company’s team of veterinarians and nutrition experts. The updated packaging shows images of the farm as well as real food photography to highlight the natural ingredients used in each recipe. The new bags of dry food also feature a food pyramid designed to help pet parents better understand their dog’s nutritional needs.









diamondDiamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals dry and canned dog foods provide your pet with complete, holistic nutrition to promote overall health and wellness. Every bag or can includes superfood ingredients — a source of antioxidants and other essential nutrients — while all dry formulas include guaranteed probiotics for digestive and immune support.