Trends & Products: Grooming

Julia Rivera//October 1, 2021//

Two Cute black soggy cats after a bath drying off with a towel

Trends & Products: Grooming

Julia Rivera //October 1, 2021//

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The pet care market is home to a wide variety of products that are being designed for various tasks, including shampoos, conditioners, brushes and trimmers for home and professional grooming. As grooming styles change, brands are developing products to enable groomers and consumers to keep up with the current trends. “On-the-go sprays and shampoos are in great demand, as well as wipes. Pets are going more places with their families and on-the-go products are perfect for the pets that are socializing,” noted Dawn Leoso Duncan, vice president of Glo-Marr, in the Trending Topics section of the April 2021 issue of Pet Age.

Andis_Vida_NoBackgroundAndis Vida Cordless Clipper

The Vida is an adjustable five-position precision blade clipper with a slimmer, lighter weight design to help reduce fatigue for groomers and provide the ability to clip sensitive and hard to reach areas on animals with ease. This clipper also comes with a USB-C charging port, convenient for charging the lithium-ion battery in the salon or on-the-go.






Untitled-4Jax & Cali Paw and Body Wipes

Each pre-moistened paw and body wipe removes dirt and allergens while protecting, nourishing and hydrating pets’ paws, body and face. Packaged perfectly for on-the-go cleansing and sanitizing, Jax & Cali’s holistic wipes are natural, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and rinsefree as well as cruelty-free and vegan.




HonestPaws -Shampoo 5-in-15-in-1 Dog Wash

Honest Paws has developed a 5-in-1 dog wash that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moisturizes and detangles at the same time The wash is completely natural with no parabens, sulfates or other toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your companion’s health. The advanced formula will rinse off from your pet’s coat immediately and leave no sticky residue behind. This 5-in-1 dog wash is completely free of all phosphates and sulfates that can severely damage and irritate your dog’s skin. In addition to that, this wash is also completely paraben free to avoid any possible allergic reactions.





Pure and Natural 2-In-1 Grain Free Shampoo2-In-1 Grain Free Organic Shampoo and Conditioner 

Pure and Natural created a grain-free, USDA certified organic shampoo for dogs with skin sensitivity issues. This formula relieves itching and smooths dry brittle coats. Made with organic mint and lavender, 2-In-1 Grain Free Organic Shampoo and Conditioner creates a calm and relaxing bath.







Safari by Coastal grooming HAS RUNSafari by Coastal Grooming Products

Packaging for Safari grooming products is getting a fresh, professional look and feel. Color-coding at the top of packaging reinforces clear and quick consumer decisions. Standardized packaging footprints allow for clean and organized retail walls. PVC has given way to more environmentally friendly PET when plastic is necessary.


Groomers Helper ClotItClotIt Natural Blood Clotting Powder

ClotIt is a non-staining, blood-clotting powder made up of all-natural minerals designed to rapidly stop bleeding in minor to severe external wounds. ClotIt is not a harsh styptic and is non-stinging. It does not stain or clump and has an unlimited shelf life. It is available in single use packets, 1-, 2.85- or 5-ounce applicator, and a full Retail Pet First Aid Kit.






Smootchie Scratcher (2)Smoochies Scratcher

The Smoochies Scratcher silicone pet brush has an adjustable strap and is flexible to fit on your hand or strap to a piece of furniture. Made of soft rubber, this toy is washable. And not only is it great as a toy, but it also is practical for proper hygiene of your pet. Comes in pink, blue and yellow.










TropiClean OxyMed solutions help stop itching fast. The gentle yet powerful solutions are paraben-free, soap-free and dye-free, helping soothe dry, itchy, irritated and inflamed skin. TropiClean OxyMed solutions are safe for both dogs and cats and proudly made in the U.S.A.





Vetericyn FoamCare Shampoo HAS RUNVetericyn FoamCare Shampoo

Vetericyn has made bath time faster and healthier. Vetericyn FoamCare Shampoo sprays on for quick coverage, foams instantly and conditions the skin as it cleans and rinses easily. The shampoos are available in one medicated and three coat-specific formulas. FoamCare is safe, non-toxic and paraben-free.




TrueBlue fresh fur cat wipesTrueBlue Cat Wipes

TrueBlue’s Cat Wipes use an all-natural cleansing solution that is mild yet effective. The ingredients include milk, which gently cleans even the most delicate skin, and honeysuckle, which has anti-microbial properties and also imparts a light, fresh scent. Each tub contains 50 extra-thick, pre-moistened wipes.






buddha bubbles shampoo and conditionerBuddha Bubbles 

The new Buddha Bubbles shampoo is made with organic ingredients for sensitive skin, a biodegradable plant-based cleanser, and is both antiseptic and antifungal. It aids in itch relief, prevents shedding and reduces redness, scaling and skin inflammation. The conditioner works as a pest repellent and is naturally antibacterial. It treats dry scalp and irritation, helps detangle, prevents shedding and fights dandruff.






HandsOn Green_CMYK copyHandsOn Gloves

Say hello to a new generation of gloves for professional and at-home grooming. With improved flexibility, the new gloves are even easier to groom, bathe and de-shed with. The scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms of the new generation will match the color of the glove itself —black, purple or green — differing from the previous collection’s two-toned design. Whether used wet or dry, HandsOn Gloves are perfect for gently cleaning matted or muddy fur.





Beeps Pack ShotBeeps by Pet Society Pet Products

The most popular pet grooming brand in Brazil has officially arrived in the United States. Beeps by Pet Society introduces a full line of salon-quality bathing and grooming products, including specialty shampoos, conditioners, detangling spray and grooming accessories. Beeps combines bright packaging and fun fragrances with safe and effective formulas designed specifically to meet the needs of pet owners.


Best Shot 3-Step System Trial KitBest Shot 3-Step System

Based on the science of hair and shedding undercoat, Best Shot’s 3-Step System of products work together to release more shedding undercoat in the tub and while blow drying. Each product smooths the coat, which safely releases shedding undercoat. This enables the power of one’s water pressure and hair dryer to effectively replace the damaging effects of combs and brushes with water and air.






KENIC Retro ShampooKENIC Retro Pet Shampoos

The KENIC Retro line by Glo-Marr includes hip shampoo formulas to meet grooming needs. All shampoos are soap- and detergentfree so they will not strip the coat, and they can be used with spot-on flea treatments. For use on cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits. Made in the U.S.A.; family owned and operated.



Untitled-4Miracle Care Grooming

Miracle Care offers a line of grooming products that has stayed on-trend. For pets with sensitive skin or that don’t love bath time, it has a variety of products for all skin/coat types. For owners who may find it hard to make the time because of their busy schedule, the foaming waterless shampoo is a great option to get pets clean without the mess. Miracle Care also has a line of tea tree oil products to brighten and condition the coat.






Evolution Dog WashEvolution Dog Wash

Built in the U.S.A., each Evolution Dog Wash system is constructed by hand to the client’s specifications. With an easy to clean, triple filtration drain system, the units are a valuable standalone asset, but can also serve as a great addition to any existing business. The Evolution Dog Wash self-serve process offers dog owners multiple bath choices, including eco-friendly dog shampoos, flea and tick shampoo, conditioner and even a warm air blow dryer.






Kaytee Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer HAS RUNKaytee Pro-Nail Trimmer 

Kaytee’s Pro-Nail Trimmer is a professional quality nail trimmer designed for small animals and birds. It is perfectly sized to make quick and precise cuts to help prevent nails from breaking or snagging. It measures four inches long with an easy grip handle and finger rest.



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