TOP’s Parrot Food Has New Mini Pellets

Pet Age Staff//June 12, 2019

TOP’s Parrot Food Has New Mini Pellets

Pet Age Staff //June 12, 2019

Press release: TOP’s Parrot Food

Owners of the smallest parrots now have an organic pellet to call their own with the introduction of new Mini Pellets by TOP’s Parrot Food.

Measuring just 3/32” in diameter and resembling a small jewelry bead, the Mini Pellets are USDA Organic Certified and made with the same ingredients as the company’s two other pellet sizes. Like their larger siblings, the Minis are all natural and free from fillers, like corn, soy and peanuts, as well as artificial ingredients and sugars.

“The smallest of parrots like parakeets, lovebirds and cockatiels make up a large segment of the companion bird population so the new TOP’s Mini Pellets are targeted toward a huge group of parrot owners,” said Gary Rubin, global director of marketing at TOP’s Parrot Food. “We listened to customers who told us they needed a smaller pellet, and are glad to provide them with an organic product that is tailored for their birds. This item will have broad appeal in the United States as well as internationally where small parrots are the dominant avian pets.”

The Minis are packaged in white, stand up pouches that complement the company’s existing gold and silver packaging so customers can clearly differentiate between the Large, Small and Mini pellet sizes.

The Mini Pellets are available nationwide to retailers in the United States.

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, TOP’s Parrot Food was established in 2003 and is one of the world’s leading parrot food brands. The company offers a full lineup of pellets, seed mixes, and treats for parrots of all sizes. TOP’s Parrot Food is USDA Organic certified and available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.


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