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To New Beginnings

Pet Age Staff//December 1, 2015//

To New Beginnings

Pet Age Staff //December 1, 2015//

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I am so happy to be named Executive Publisher of Pet Age, the leading media brand in the retail pet industry.

My career has included managing media brands in financial services, pharmaceuticals, transportation, human resources and more. This dynamic experience lends itself well to Pet Age.

When I think of independent retailers contemplating insurance, banking and payroll services, my experience in financial services allows me to join the conversation. I am confident that the same is true for transportation, pharmaceuticals, human resources and general business operations.

Of course, I’m not all business. I’m a pet lover and my family shares our home with two lovely rescued cats. I’m looking forward to working in an industry that provides such joyful, nurturing experiences to so many people and their companion animals.

Pet Age is in its forty-fourth year of continually providing meaningful information for retail pet supply outlets, manufacturers and wholesalers. It is our goal to continue to do that and improve as we go along. I will incorporate some of the lessons learned from past success, where applicable, with the help of an incredible staff. It is a great honor to work with a team of the most passionate writers and marketing and sales professionals this great industry has to offer.

In my short time working in the pet industry so far, one of the pressing issues I’ve noticed is the clash between brick-and-mortar and online retailers. On the surface, online stores have serious advantages in convenience and often in price. Some have large warehouses and can offer a huge range of products. Is there a place for the independent pet store in the world of Amazon? Absolutely.

According to American Pet Products Association, consumers will spend more than $60 billion on their pets this year. That’s an increase of $2.6 billion over 2014. How much of that money will be spent online is unclear. In my experience, however, the excellent customer service and warm feeling a person gets as a patron of an independent pet store cannot be matched by the click of a mouse.

I’ll use my time at Pet Age to help bring independent retailers the ideas and information they need to get more customers inside their stores. I encourage you to contact me to discuss Pet Age and the industry at any time. I’m excited to be starting the New Year in a new position in an industry that is so full of passion and enthusiasm.

All the best,
Allen Basis