The Company of Animals’ Pet Corrector Can Rid Pets of Unwanted Behavior

December 12, 2016

In the wild, snakes and geese make a loud hiss to warn other animals to stay away, and pets are instinctively attuned to this sound. This natural form of communication inspired The Company of Animals’ Pet Corrector.

The solution-based, auditory training tool is as simple as it is effective. To use, simply tap the Pet Corrector’s top nozzle to emit a short blast of compressed air that makes a hissing noise. It quickly interrupts misbehavior on the first use and, when used appropriately, supports positive training practices with long-lasting results.

The Pet Corrector consists of an inert compressed gas (HFC 134a) that is released through a Venturi- style constrictive valve. The gas produces a broad spectrum sound (white noise) varying from a low frequency rumble to a high frequency hiss.

The original 50-milliliter Pet Corrector has a suggested retail price of $9.99. There’s also a smaller, travel-friendly 30-milliliter size and a 200-milliliter can, which can be great for animal volunteers and dog walker.

According to The Company of Animals, its organization always seeks to do the best for the behavior of pets in society, and it considers that the Pet Corrector is just a key element in the overall strategy, which is to produce a better world for pets and for their people.

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