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Roman Dog Launches New Line

Pet Age Staff//October 31, 2018//

Roman Dog Launches New Line

Pet Age Staff //October 31, 2018//

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Press Release Source: Roman Dog

Roman Dog has released its new line of handmade, original dog products. It will include collars, leashes, and even waste bag holders, currently available on the brand’s website and in select boutique stores.

Max Wunderlich founded the company after he became consistently underwhelmed by the options available for his own dogs, Turkish and Roman. He started tinkering with leather with the intent of creating something that was unique, simple and incredibly durable.

Made out of natural, vegetable-tanned, bridle quality leather and hardware, these leashes and collars are designed to flex and move with the dog, limiting the chafing that can occur with other products. Following a mantra of substance over style, they are also almost impossible to chew through and are made to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, according to the brand.

Roman Dog’s mission of creating premiere and ethically manufactured pet products drew the attention of national line DOG for DOG. Founded in 2010, DOG for DOG is a high-quality, natural ingredient dog food, treats, toys and accessory products company whose business model is donation based. DOG for DOG’s Roman Dog line will be released just in time for the holidays, and will follow all of Roman Dog’s standards for quality with a portion of all sales going to help the dogs who need it most.