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The Benefits of Wapiti Labs Elk Antler Chews, Supplements

Glenn Polyn//April 1, 2021//

The Benefits of Wapiti Labs Elk Antler Chews, Supplements

Glenn Polyn //April 1, 2021//

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Founded by Craig Wylie, Wapiti Labs describes itself as “the original elk velvet antler company.” Pet Age recently spoke with Bridget Titterud, the brand’s marketing director, to learn more about supplements that feature elk velvet antler.


Why is elk velvet so valuable to pet care?

Nature’s perfect supplement. Our Elk Velvet Antler supplements are a whole-body supplement for dogs and cats with several options to choose from. All of our products are NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified for quality and assurance. Benefits of our Mobility supplements include support of the hips, joints, liver, kidneys and the immune system. We use a proprietary process that ensures key organic compounds and elements from the elk velvet antler and herbal ingredients remain intact, making our supplements the most innovative you will find on the market. We also offer Chest, GI Tract, Recuperate, Strength and antler chews options.


How does Wapiti Labs source its elk velvet?

Wolf Creek Elk Ranch offers the elk a completely pollution-free, natural environment. To reduce stress, grazing land does not exceed two animals per acre. All animals are certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and are registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association. Routine checks are conducted by a registered veterinarian and a certified nutritionist to ensure proper health and nutrition. Wolf Creek Elk Ranch has been certified CWD and tuberculosis free.

Antlers are removed once a year from healthy bulls in a low stress process under the direction of the herd veterinarian. Wolf Creek Elk Ranch markets green and freeze-dried antler as an ingredient product while Wapiti Labs produces premium supplements created with Minnesota Elk Velvet Antler and Chinese herbs using a proprietary extraction process. Wapiti Labs’ natural pet supplements are endorsed, recommended and distributed by veterinarians practicing both Eastern and Western herbal medicine.


What are some of your brand’s best-selling products? 

Our brand is offered across the United States through online options, retail stores and veterinarian clinics. Senior Mobility is our best-selling product. Our Mobility products help support and maintain long term health, body functions and quality of life while also improving joint mobility, kidneys, immune system and healthy blood cells. It also helps to support eye functions and includes Elk Velvet Antler which has a surplus of long-term benefits. This product is available in powdered or tablet form for dogs. We offer free sample packs for dogs when someone visits our website and submits for one.

We have also seen a great increase in sales for our Chest Formula. This is a liquid Tincture given daily for up to two weeks, or until symptoms improve. Our Chest has increased in sales and popularity by 700 percent in the past year. It supports respiratory function and health for pets while expanding the chest for easier breathing. The product also supports normal integrity and function of the lungs for dogs and cats.


What makes your brand’s elk antler chews unique?

We offer antler chews for every type of dog. We understand that every dog is a unique creature with their own habits and tastes, which is why we’ve created our chews in a range of textures and sizes. We have designed our splits–Elk Antlers chews that are split down the middle, offering easy access to the softer marrow in the middle–for dogs that are new to chews, Elk Antler, or both. These chews are also ideal for dogs that simply prefer a softer chew. There are higher quality options with several sizes to choose from with four inch and eight inch, whole and split options.


What are the benefits of Wapiti Labs being a family-owned business?

Being a small, service disabled veteran-owned company, we celebrate every client gained. Every single one is greatly important to us and we work hard to provide quality customer service. We also offer free training with our products and encourage clients to work with us. With wholesale account options, shipping discounts and monthly specials; we have something to offer everyone.

It began with a dream and a “retired” 320 acre dairy farm in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota. Craig Wylie bought the acreage with the idea of turning it into an elk ranch after becoming intrigued by the opportunities available in raising these majestic animals, the largest species of deer in the world and one of the largest land mammals in North America.

Craig’s son, Klint, took on managing the herd of more than 200 elk and all operations at Wolf Creek Elk Ranch. The elk, selected for the best genetics to produce the healthiest stock, became the basis for Wapiti Labs, which uses Elk Velvet Antler in several of its all-natural pet supplements. Our goal is to help dogs and cats lead better lives each and every day.