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SuperZoo Adds New Concept Store

Jason Kamery//July 24, 2013//

SuperZoo Adds New Concept Store

Jason Kamery //July 24, 2013//

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The new SuperZoo Concept Store exhibit is designed to reflect the ‘gold standard’ retail experience, an inspirational environment where attendees can see merchandising best practices and new technologies in action.

“WPA is always looking for new ways to help educate retailers and the help them be more successful,” Doug Poindexter, president of World Pet Association, said. ” We thought there was no better way than to show them a fully merchandised store with some of the latest innovations in retailing.  It was really just an additional outreach of our educational program.”

The concept store features the newest trends in retail displays and cutting-edge innovations that include state-of-the-art point of sale system and unique merchandising techniques. Retailers also learn how to enhance their stores and boost business with strategies for store set up and design, category management, QR code development, SKU and inventory management.

Retailers are not the only  ones benefiting from the exhibit. Product company’s have their different products featured inside the SuperZoo Concept Store.

“It was a new idea, it’s the first time they are doing it but I think it was a draw,” Amanda Malone Bennie, co-owner of Clear Concious, said. “We made sure to place our booth near it as well so we could send people over there to show what our product line would look like within four walls. Sometimes it’s tricky with our things because we have different categories and I think it’s sometimes overwhelming to put it all together. So it’s real nice to be able to have people see what it would actually look like in their store.”

The store has also been able to get leads for manufactures.

“It’s definitely something that has been working for us,” Steve Shweky, president of Fetch … For Pets!, said. “We are getting a lot of traffic from that.”