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Stella & Chewy’s Announces New Logo

Pet Age Staff//October 1, 2013//

Stella & Chewy’s Announces New Logo

Pet Age Staff //October 1, 2013//

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Stella & Chewy’s unveiled their first corporate logo to reflected the need to better position the company for organic growth and geographical expansion under the leadership of Founder and Chairman Marie Moody.

“A logo identifies a company or brand to consumers and business partners,” Moody said. “Those that stand the test of time are both recognizable and memorable. Healthy and vibrant brands, both large and small, often evolve their identity to assure they remain relevant and top-of-mind with their targeted audience. We felt this way the ideal time to create such a logo for Stella & Chewy’s and we are thrilled with the outcome.”

Building on the company’s existing logo, Stella & Chewy’s took into consideration a number of key factors toward the goal of creating an even stronger identity, all sought to better communicate who Stella & Chewy’s is and the company’s offerings today.

The corporate logo needed to preserve the imagery represented by the dog illustrations and maintain the brand equity built over the past 10 years, keeping with the company’s current position as a trusted brand for both dog and cat food, the company said.

The end result has a clean, fresh look and feel, and boosts visual presence on the packaging, the company said.