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Southeast Pet to Distribute PureLife 4PETS

Pet Age Staff//April 9, 2014//

Southeast Pet to Distribute PureLife 4PETS

Pet Age Staff //April 9, 2014//

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PureLife 4PETS, a Florida-based pet health supplement company, has announced that it’s full line of products has been picked up by the distributor, Southeast Pet.

The partnership with Southeast Pet means that PureLife 4PETS supplements will now be offered in pet stores throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.

The line of pet health supplements includes Omega-3, Immune Support, Joint Mobility, Antioxidant Protection and Weight Management.

“At PureLife 4PETS we strive to provide the highest quality supplements for dogs and cats,” Oscar Tenorio, product manager for PureLife 4PETS, said. “As a pet parent, my dream and commitment is to produce the best, most advanced supplements to improve the health for my dog and pets everywhere.”