ShopKetti Unveils Wholesale Platform for Businesses

Pet Age Staff//August 8, 2018//

ShopKetti Unveils Wholesale Platform for Businesses

Pet Age Staff //August 8, 2018//

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ShopKetti, LLC, the provider of online wholesale solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs), is launching an all-new small business platform, expanding on the company’s original wholesale marketplace by providing an improved and more seamless user experience, along with new logistics and supply-chain services. This is the first purpose built platform for SMBs that is comparable to the wholesale systems that large manufacturers and big box retailers currently have at their disposal. The platform features new tools and integrations that have thus far never been available to businesses of this size, while maintaining the option of free accounts for retailers and manufacturers.

“We’re confident that many businesses will want to run their operations from our platform due to the new level of excellence our platform provides,” said Eric Najjar, CEO and co-founder of ShopKetti. “For the first time, a product manufacturer can sell their products, manage clients, communicate with employees and customers, integrate with their fulfillment center, and receive payment all through our platform. This is a tectonic shift in what SMBs can and will be able to do, and will allow them to compete with the retail behemoths that have been undercutting them and crushing their businesses.”

Through the new platform, retailers will be able to search for products, message product details to each other internally, integrate multiple payment methods, manage their past and present orders, and check out all their stores at once with the new platform. Some new features include:

  • Multi-store check-out for retailers
  • Fulfillment center integration for manufacturers.
  • ACH payment capabilities
  • Full order exporting information
  • Real-time shipping estimates
  • Live shipment tracking
  • Messenger that allows businesses to communicate both internally and with other businesses.
  • User accounts which are integrated into a company’s ShopKetti account.

This is the second small business solution ShopKetti has launched recently for small business owners. Merchant, launched in August 2017, is a tool that allows retailers to place direct orders

electronically during a trade show and track their purchases in real time. It also increases security, and keeps orders in a central location for easy access.

”It is our mission to support small businesses, and it’s important to us to provide them with the tools they actually need,” said Earl Balai, chief technology officer at ShopKetti. “Our users trust us to listen to their problems and provide a simple and easy to use solution. The only reason we were able to build such a comprehensive service is because we were guided by the amazing business owners that use our service. We are excited to provide this upgraded experience to them and can’t wait to see the smart and ingenious ways they use our new platform.”

This platform expansion will also allow ShopKetti to expand its services to additional industries outside of the current listings. ShopKetti will be entering new industries by the end of this year.