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Shed Defender Available in 2 New Patterns

Pet Age Staff//October 25, 2017//

Shed Defender Available in 2 New Patterns

Pet Age Staff //October 25, 2017//

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Shed Defender, the patent-pending onesie for dogs that contains pet hair; can replace the medical cone; and reduces dirt, dander and allergens, is announcing that it’s now available in two new prints—leopard and camo—just in time for Halloween.

While Halloween is fun for us humans, it can be a source of fear, confusion and anxiety for pets. From the constant knocking of trick or treaters, spooky soirees and frightening costumes, it’s no surprise that Halloween leaves some dogs frozen in fear. That’s where the Shed Defender comes in.

The Shed Defender will not only allow dogs to join in the dress up fun, but will also help keep the house clean during any holiday parties. It can also help reduce pets’ anxiety. Featuring a unique design and lightweight, breathable fabric, the Shed Defender has a snug fit that helps dogs feel safe, confident and more relaxed.

“We’re excited to bring the leopard and camo designs to customers in time for Halloween because the Shed Defender is more than just a costume,” said Tyson Walters, CEO and founder of Shed Defender. “We had really positive feedback from people using the Shed Defender for the 4th of July and expect the same response over Halloween. It’s fashion meets function in that it helps reduce anxiety and contain dirt, dog hair and dander so you can keep your house hair-free during any Halloween parties.”

The Shed Defender is made from RecoTex, a premium, environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled plastic water bottles. The polyester and spandex blend is strong enough to endure the wear and tear dogs will put it through but light enough to keep them from overheating.