August 29, 2019

Press release: Step Ahead Innovations Inc.

Step Ahead Innovations Inc., creators of the groundbreaking MindStream Monitor for high-end reef aquariums, is now shipping its much-anticipated aquarium monitoring system to customers nationwide. The launch will be celebrated at the MACNA conference in Orlando, Florida, from August 30 through September 1, with in-depth demos and a raffle for a free monitor.

After years of groundbreaking research and development, 15 months of beta testing and eight months of final customer pilot testing, the MindStream Monitor has made its debut into reef aquariums across the country, revolutionizing the way aquarists see and understand the chemistry of their tanks. The MindStream monitoring system automatically measures 10 water parameters every 15 minutes, allowing for optimal ecosystem management for fish and corals and a more complete understanding of the nature of reef chemistry.

“At Step Ahead Innovations, we are scientists and engineers with deep expertise in water chemistry and a strong commitment to the aquarium hobby,” said Jim Clark, founder and chief innovation officer of the company. “The MindStream Monitor is a highly sophisticated device that enables aquarists to keep healthier, more vibrant tanks with less stress and hassle. We are on a mission to use this groundbreaking technology to provide unparalleled analytical insights into your aquarium’s water and offer actionable data to push the boundaries of successful reef keeping in your home or business. Utilizing advanced fluorescence and colorimetric sensors and ultra-sensitive optical measurement technologies, the instrument enables a new window into the dynamic nature of reef chemistry and complex interdependence of water parameters.”

The MindStream Monitor automatically measures 10 critical water parameters every 15 minutes and reports the results to you via a web app that works seamlessly with all web-enabled devices. Not only does the MindStream Monitor provide a comprehensive view into foundational parameters such as carbonate alkalinity, calcium and magnesium, it also offers new and profound opportunities to integrate formerly unattainable parameters such as oxygen and carbon dioxide into the reef keeping paradigm. Simply place the monitor in your tank or sump and receive near-continuous updates on the health of your tank—all for the price of about 1/8 cent per measurement.

The MindStream Monitor is based on advanced fluorescent indicator technology and requires no user calibration, consumes no liquid reagents, uses no tank water, requires no pumps or tubing, and generates zero toxic liquid waste. By deploying a real-time multi-parameter monitoring strategy, the MindStream Monitor is the most convenient, reliable and accurate way to maintain balance in aquarium water.

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