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Rabbit Hutches Evolve Into Home Decor

Pet Age Staff//October 1, 2013//

Rabbit Hutches Evolve Into Home Decor

Pet Age Staff //October 1, 2013//

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When it comes to rabbit hutches, pet owners face many considerations when choosing a habitat for rabbits.

“There’s a variety of styles they can choose from, depending on price point and the features they’re looking for,” Heather Cappel, creative coordinator for Ware Manufacturing, said. “They want to take into account the size of the habitat, how many animals they have and the size of their animals and whether they want the pet to be indoors or outdoors.”

Indoor Living Room rabbit habitats from Ware, featuring an attractive hammered steel look, powder-coated wire, metal and durable plastic parts, are made to be easy to assemble, clean and move.

“They’re designed to be in the main living area of the home as opposed to a child’s bedroom,” Cappel said. “You want something that’s going to look nice if you’re going to see it all the time and you want to be able to interact with the rabbits a lot.”

Outside Living

Outdoor hutches have different considerations because they’re out in the weather.

“All of our outdoor hutches have a water-resistant seal on them, a waterproof asphalt roof, and rust-resistant galvanized wire,” Cappel said. “They offer several options depending on environment, including a play pen for warmer climates or a cover to keep rabbits warm in the winter.”

Ware Manufacturing offers several outdoor rabbit hutches that vary in size from a small, one-rabbit version to the two-story “Townhouse” model. The Townhouse features living space upstairs and play area downstairs. A wooden ramp makes it easy for rabbits to move between levels. Ware’s outdoor rabbit habitats range in retail price from $150 to more than $350.

Cappel said many rabbit owners prefer to give their pets access to the great outdoors.

“It’s nice if you have a grassy yard to have either a play pen or access to the grass,” Cappel said.

Manufacturers are going out of their way to satisfy consumers who expect more features, more convenience and more visual appeal when it comes to rabbit hutches.

Super Pet plants a tree for every tree they use in the manufacture of their weather-resistant, wooden rabbit hutches. The Gazebo Rabbit Hutch features several improvements for easy, convenient care and maintenance, including multiple locking doors and a pullout tray with a wire grate for easy cleaning. The hexagonal gazebo design intended for one small to medium-sized rabbit.

The Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch from Super Pet is made from plastic, which helps keep outdoor rabbits dry in all types of weather, without warping or peeling.

Super Pet’s My First Home Complete Rabbit Kit is a sensible starter set for first-time rabbit owners. It comes complete with a wire-and-plastic cage, bedding, food, treats, toys, water bottle and food dish.

Kaytee’s Habitat Defined Rabbit Habitat features an extra-deep base to contain all of the mess, and every plastic component is made with Super Protect antimicrobial technology. It has two doors, spring-loaded locks and a metal stand for easy mobility.

The Rabbit Home by Kaytee provides rabbits with the recommended 8-square-feet of living space, and is packaged so it only requires two feet of packaging material. It has two ramps, two shelves and casters for mobility.

CC ONLY is an Ohio manufacturer of unique chicken coops and rabbit hutches with architectural and design features that make them look like they belong in a home-design magazine. Latticework, shingles and wraparound “porches” all contribute to their designer flare. They range in price from around $200 to $500.

KW Cages is an extremely comprehensive resource for rabbit hutches, cages and habitats. Their catalog features more than 50 pages of rabbit cages and dozens of configurations that range from small, temporary exercise pens to enormous.

Kristen Ryan