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Puppy Playground Marks 20th Anniversary

Pet Age Staff//March 18, 2020//

Puppy Playground Marks 20th Anniversary

Pet Age Staff //March 18, 2020//

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Press release: Puppy Playground

Puppy got its start back in 1994, when we started “Open to the Public” Playtime attached to our boarding facility, one full year ahead of the first dog park in the country. We based the idea on the experience we gained from our training programs, where we realized that nearly 90 percent of all the behavior problems that we encountered were directly related to two basic issues: an energy level that was not being addressed and/or a lack of socialization.

We decided that a Puppy Playground could address both issues. What happened next was nothing less than amazing: Within two months of opening the Playground, we were averaging 80/85 dogs on the playground every time we opened the doors. Even more amazing were the changes in behavior of so many of the dogs that participated. There was so much undeniable behavioral improvement across the board that the vets in our area began using words like “early socialization” — words that were not being used prior.

So, in 2000 we began designing the Puppy Playground System. We employed the knowledge that we had gained from the more than 50,000 dogs that had participated on the playground since its inception. We took the parts that we knew worked and eliminated those parts that we knew did not work from the design and made it using a process and material that you cannot get over the counter. Our system is all about safety and group management.

This January marked our 20th year in business at Puppy, and we decided to celebrate it with a giveaway. We invited all our customers to send us their best photos and videos of their pups playing on our playground equipment and we got some amazing entries. It was hard to narrow it down, but we decided on six fantastic finalists. We posted the six entries on our Facebook page and had you vote on which one was your favorite! A big congratulations goes out to Camp Bow Wow in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, for being the winner of our 20th anniversary contest and the free starter kit. Their post was the one with the most post engagements (likes, comments and shares) won a free starter kit!