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Collagen +Plus!


CareChewz are handcrafted and made from U.S.-raised steers. These protein packed chews are made of 100 percent collagen from beef hide with your dog’s health and well-being in mind. What makes CareChewz unique is Digest-A-Boost, no other chew is faster or safer in digestion for your pet. Collagen +Plus combines the health benefits of collagen […] View Product →

Gunni’s Wafers, Bites and Morsels


Gunni’s Taste of Iceland is offering a new line of Icelandic fish products for dogs and cats, including Cod and Wolffish Wafers (for medium and large dogs), Baby Bites (for smaller dogs and for training) and Mini Morsels (for kittens). These products are single-ingredient treats made from filets of cod or Wolffish, two MSC certified […] View Product →

Pawse Mighty Mushrooms 


Mighty Mushrooms are freeze-dried bites of immune-boosting functional mushrooms — chaga, maitake, reishi, shiitake and turkey tail — that are organically cultivated and naturally grown. The brand’s recipe is concentrated into a form that provides antioxidant and immunity benefits. Combined with Pawse’s all-natural delicious chicken and fish recipe, Available in a 30-day supply for a […] View Product →

Bone Broth Butter


New from Nugget’s Healthy Eats is its line of Bone Broth Butter, the world’s first spreadable bone broth. This enrichment spread is great as a topper for your dog’s meal, stuffed into a chew toy or spread onto lick mats. The No. 1 ingredient is Nugget’s signature bone brow, which is simmered for days with […] View Product →

Poopy Packs


Metro Paws encourages you to get that plastic off your shelves with their revamped Poopy Packs. Now with an ASTM 5511 degradability rating, these durable and stylish poop bags degrade up to 25 percent in just one month, making them their greenest poop bags yet. Each roll contains 20 designer bags with eight rolls per […] View Product →

Immunity Booster


Alchemy Pet’s Immunity Booster is a liquid supplement extracted from the Brazilian full-spectrum Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM) mushroom, considered to be one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms on Earth. The formula is vegan, research-backed and naturally derived from high-quality, human-grade ingredients designed to keep pets active, support any discomfort, maintain healthy digestive tracts and […] View Product →

Pure Cravings


Pure Cravings is the only mercury tested fish for cats. With industry-proven mercury-testing technology and dedication to feline health, Pure Cravings is setting a new, unmatched standard for pet food purity with fish that is 100 percent sustainably wild caught and traceable. High-quality fish is a superfood packed with lean protein and vital oils. Pure […] View Product →

Zee.Dog FlyHarness


The FlyHarness is a lightweight, breathable mesh dog harness that is designed for the outdoors and is available in five sizes. Now available in three additional colors (Galaxy, ACG and Vortex), the FlyHarness has a 3D-knitted external layer that’s used in sports sneakers and a breathable bottom mesh layer. It can be put on with […] View Product →

TropiClean Enticers


TropiClean Enticers is a new line of dental care products in mouthwatering flavors dogs love. Teeth Cleaning Gels destroy 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria found in the mouth, helping remove plaque and reduce bad breath. Teeth Cleaning Gel & Toothbrush duos help accelerate plaque removal. Teeth Cleaning Sticks simulate brushing to help fight plaque and […] View Product →

Romeo’s Agility Chews


Ziggy Marley welcomed a dog named Romeo into his home in 2020. The pair instantly developed a special bond and Ziggy was inspired to do something to improve Romeo’s health and wellness. A unique, hand-crafted functional soft chew for prolonged physical agility that combats inflammation and supports the overall mental and physical wellness of dogs […] View Product →

Leather Brother Bowls and Storage Containers


Feed in style with Leather Brother’s new Antiqued Copper Hammered Bowls. The Antique Copper plated bowls are finished with a “hammered” look. Not only are they in style, these bowls are also durable, long-lasting, dishwasher safe, and resistant to rust, odors, cracks and chewing. Available in four sizes. Add the Antique Copper Hammered Storage Canister to […] View Product →

Omega Plus


Omega Plus, a New Zealand-based company dedicated to providing salmon superfood treats for pets, debuts five of their all-natural, healthy and delicious products in the U.S. The line includes King Salmon Tails for dogs, King Salmon Fins for dogs, King Salmon Bites for dogs, King Salmon Bites for cats, and King Salmon Oil for cats […] View Product →

Evolution Dog Wash Mini


Evolution Dog Wash has launched a new model, the Evolution Dog Wash Mini. It offers the same premium Evolution Dog Wash quality and design, but is built on a slightly smaller frame with basic built-in self-serve functions. As with all Evolution Dog Wash models, the Mini is a premium, high-quality, self-serve dog wash that delivers […] View Product →

Vanilla Mint Beef Cheek


Barking Buddha Beef Cheek is now available in Vanilla Mint in slices, rolls and chips. This new line of Beef Cheeks are full of delicious vanilla and mint flavors that will refresh a dog’s breath. They are rich in collagen, long-lasting and much easier to digest, making them a great alternative to rawhide. They are […] View Product →

Made by Nacho


Made by Nacho is a cat food for the modern cat, bringing better taste, as well as high-quality nutrition for your feline friends and cat companions. Developed by Nacho Flay, a Maine Coon Cat who grew up with 24/7 access to his dad, Chef Bobby Flay, the Made by Nacho menu prioritizes an equal focus […] View Product →

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