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Editor's Pick

Apr 15, 2020

Paludarium 3-in-1 Lamp

Zoo Med’s Paludarium 3-in-1 Lamp creates a balanced lighting experience in your habitat that helps both plants and animals flourish. Unlike UVB bulbs, which are coated specially to emit UVA and UVB, this lamp has three unique coatings on each of its fluorescent tubes so it provides different beneficial wavelengths. The Paludarium 3-in-1 Lamp is […]

Apr 8, 2020

Kat’s Naturals Pet Care

Kat’s Naturals highly concentrated Pet Care CBD hemp oil was created to give your furry friend a better quality of life. Kat’s Naturals contains 0.00 percent THC and uses additive-free, hypoallergenic ingredients catered specifically to your pet’s needs. Ingredients include critical CO2-extracted CBD from American-grown organic hemp and organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. www.katsn[...]

Apr 1, 2020

KNOT-ical Toys

BAYDOG is launching its new KNOT-ical collection of rope toys this spring. Made from authentic sailing line, this durable rope is perfect for the water or backyard. Four different styles will be offered: the classic Monkey Fist, The Regatta Rope toss, the Buoy Ball and the Barbell Rope Toss. Along with their new Prop Toss and Fetch […]

Mar 25, 2020


Groov is a first-of-its-kind crate-training tool that helps pups love their crates. Whether introducing your puppy to a crate for the first time, retraining an older dog or giving your pooch a special treat to enjoy safely in the crate, Groov makes crating easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Mar 18, 2020

Naturalistic Flora

Zoo Med debuts seven new décor items to their Naturalistic Flora line. Give habitats the look of a flourishing tropical oasis without the hassle of caring for each plant’s unique needs. Pets can use their hunter-gatherer instincts to collect water droplets from the water-resistant leaves, or they can hide in the voluminous foliage to sleep. […]

Mar 11, 2020

Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain

The brand-new fountain, featuring a whimsical design including an optional butterfly topper, offers multiple free-falling water streams, a quiet operation and a raised drinking platform. The Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain, which offers a 50-ounce water capacity, is equipped with a replaceable carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors while a replaceable foam filter catches debris […]

Mar 4, 2020

SodaPup Peanut Nylon Toy

The SodaPup Nylon Peanut toy is peanut flavored and scented. It features flavor pockets on both sides that can hold peanut butter, cheese spread and other food items with similar consistency. Not only is it a durable chew toy for power chewers, it is also a nylon treat dispenser that can be used to help […]

Feb 19, 2020


Inspired by Scratch Play Meow’s CEO’s cat, Milo, the ScratchLadder was designed from wood. Now ScratchLadder is a four-rung system designed with interchangeable panels such as pile carpet, sisal carpet, velvet and more to provide any cat with variations of scratching surfaces they can enjoy. It’s handmade from high-quality materials and a game changer for […]

Feb 12, 2020

Naturalistic Terrarium Double Door

This 40-gallon glass habitat is made in the USA and is designed with two snap-closing lockable doors. Its 36-by-18-by-18-inch frame is perfect for terrestrial animals like bearded dragons, tortoises, ball pythons and more, and the front-opening doors allow easy access for handling friendly pets or for quick spot cleaning.

Feb 5, 2020

Miracle Care Grooming

Miracle Care offers a line of grooming products that has stayed on-trend. For dogs with sensitive skin or that don’t love bath time, it has a variety of products for all skin/coat types. For owners who may find it hard to make the time because of their busy schedule, the foaming waterless shampoo is a great option to get pets clean […]

Jan 29, 2020

Marineland Portrait Desktop Kit

This five-gallon glass aquarium features three-stage, hidden filtration with a Rite-Size Cartridge and Marineland Bio-Foam, and it has an adjustable flow filter pump. The aquarium kit also includes bright white and blue energy-efficient LED lights, so fishkeepers can change the lighting to their liking to mimic the underwater effect of sunlight or a moonlight glow.

Jan 22, 2020

KLIMB Traction Mat

The rubber dog-training mat that ensures more traction. While the KLIMB has built-in PawGrip, some training activities and routines require even more traction. That’s why our experts developed a perfect-fit rubber dog-training mat that can be placed on top of your KLIMB platform to ensure a slip-free surface. Made in the USA with all-natural rubber. UV […]