Pet Product Innovations to Distribute Go Pure

Pet Age Staff//February 1, 2017//

Thirsty yellow labrador retriever is drinking water from bowl.

Pet Product Innovations to Distribute Go Pure

Pet Age Staff //February 1, 2017//

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Pet Product Innovations, LLC of Des Plaines, Illinois, announced its partnership with Bloc Enterprises, LLC, a specialized distribution company with a focus on innovative consumer healthcare products. Bloc Enterprises, LLC is changing the way the world enjoys drinking water with the launch of its PuriBloc GoPure pod—the first portable and continuous water enhancement device featuring PuriBloc water quality improvement technology. Pet Product Innovations, LLC has an exclusive distribution agreement for GoPure in the pet industry, covering the USA, Canada and the UK. It will be the exclusive distributor for GoPure and GoPure Pet within the pet industry.

Convenient, reusable and designed for dropping in any water bottle, hydration pack, pet drinking bowl or fountain, coffee maker or small water container up to 3 quarts, the GoPure pod is a revolutionary and natural water purification process that constantly cleans and enhances potable tap water for peace of mind and taste satisfaction everywhere you go.

At the heart of the GoPure pod is PuriBloc—an advanced, highly porous ceramic that not only adsorbs many soluble and particulate chemical impurities, but also balances pH levels to re-mineralize and alkalize the water. As the pod continuously completes these actions, the drinking water returns back to a more natural state, just like nature intended it to be—cGo Pureleaner and great tasting.

“Consumers around the globe spend billions of dollars each year on water in disposable bottles because they don’t trust the quality of water supplies, or they don’t like the bad taste of tap water,” says Bloc Enterprises CEO Kent Atherton. “The GoPure pod is a simple, reusable device that not only facilitates water enhancement everywhere you go, but also provides an environmentally friendly alternative to help reduce the enormous burden on our planet from discarded plastic water bottles.”

One reusable GoPure pod lasts up to six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water. That’s over 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles one individual can keep out of landfills and the ocean. The outer polypropylene capsule of the GoPure pod can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

“It’s easy to understand the public concern regarding water quality and its taste. Not only are disturbing amounts of pharmaceuticals found in the nation’s water supplies, but [also] pesticides and herbicides from farming use, contaminants from fracking, industrial wastes and even rocket fuel can also be found,” says PuriBloc advisor Professor Ronald Russell, M.A., Ph.D. “Much of the tap water in the United States is susceptible to these types of pollution, but unfortunately the municipal water treatment processes in place cannot always do enough. Our mission with the GoPure pod is to give the world peace of mind that the water they’re drinking is healthy, clean and better tasting.”

Bloc Enterprises also recognizes that healthy hydration and good nutrition is essential for pet care. The PuriBloc GoPure Pet—a portable, dome-like structure housing the GoPure pod made specifically for pet drinking bowls—is now available thru Pet Product Innovations, LLC.

“The most important thing you can do to keep your dog or cat healthy is to have them drink plenty of fresh, clean water,” says Earth Animal founder Robert Goldstein, DVM, who specializes in animal nutrition. “GoPure Pet is the first product we’ve seen that enhances water from any tap water source and keeps it cleaner and great tasting throughout the day. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re enhancing this most essential ingredient for your pet’s health is invaluable.”

Pet Food Experts is the first U.S. distributor who will be distributing GoPure Pet as well as Go Pure for humans to its retail customers in the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest.


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