Pawsitively Transformative: Take Advantage of Global Pet Expo’s Collaborative Environment

By Jacqueline Prehogan//February 27, 2024//

Pawsitively Transformative: Take Advantage of Global Pet Expo’s Collaborative Environment

By: Jacqueline Prehogan//February 27, 2024//

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For over 10 years, Open Farm has found a second home at the Global Pet Expo, a spectacular event that transcends the label of an industry conference. This annual gathering stands as a testament to the vibrancy of the global pet community, where industry leaders from around the world convene to collectively shape the future of our beloved industry. At Open Farm, attending the Global Pet Expo isn’t just a tradition; it’s an integral part of our commitment to the well-being of animals, sustainability, and innovation. When I first had the idea to enter the pet industry, the very first thing I did was attend Global to scope out the products and brands in the market. It was the most efficient way to get a bird’s eye view of the pet industry landscape.  

From the Global Pet Expo stage, where the latest products are unveiled, to the collaborative atmosphere that establishes trends and fosters discoveries, this event serves as the heartbeat of the pet industry. It’s a dynamic and interactive platform that propels businesses forward, and Open Farm takes immense pride in being an active participant every year.  

Founded a decade ago, Open Farm’s mission from Day 1 has been to do some good for animals and our planet. This commitment is embodied in the Open Farm Promise, which reflects our dedication to the highest standards of nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability, and transparency. Global Pet Expo provides us with a unique stage to champion this cause, not only through our lively exhibit space but also to meet with our amazing neighborhood pet retailers.  

Collaboration lies at the heart of Open Farm’s success, and Global Pet Expo is where we work hand-in-hand to meet with our retailers. This collaborative spirit has fueled the continuous expansion of our product offerings, developing an understanding that supports customer growth. With eight categories of dog and cat food varieties, including treats, dry food, freeze-dried raw, gently cooked, and bone broths, Open Farm addresses the diverse needs of our Neighborhood Pet Retailers, fostering business growth and aims to increase in-store traffic.  

The highlight of the Expo is meeting with our retailers, learning more about their business and helping to support their business growth. The Neighborhood Pet community is an instrumental part of our business and we value these relationships. This year marks a significant milestone for Open Farm as we proudly introduce Goodbowl Kibble and Goodbowl Freeze-dried Raw topper at the Global Pet Expo. Goodbowl epitomizes our dedication to simplicity in a bowl, featuring oven baked nutritious kibble made with meticulously sourced, wholesome ingredients. The Goodbowl lineup features five delicious recipes for dogs and cats that all uphold the Open Farm Promise, maintaining our commitment to ethical practices and sustainable sourcing.  

Goodbowl, crafted with ingredients like humanely raised chicken and Ocean Wise certified wild-caught salmon, ensures a positive impact on both pets and the planet. It aligns seamlessly with our mission, providing pet parents with a straightforward, nourishing option for their dogs and cats.  

As we eagerly anticipate our participation in this year’s Global Pet Expo, Open Farm is excited to see and support our retailers, showcase our unwavering dedication to pet and animal well-being, sustainable practices and innovation. We hope to see you there. 


Jacqueline Prehogan is a co-founder and senior leader at two of the pet industry’s most influential, high-growth global brands: Open Farm and Canada Pooch. As the chief brand officer of Open Farm, Prehogan spearheads the brand’s mission and impact programs, guiding strategic brand direction. A dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability and animal welfare, she has been recognized with prestigious awards including the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the Pet Age Women of Influence and Power 50 awards.