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Alkalinity: Get a Better Understanding of Proper pH Levels for Pets

By Scott Goriscak//July 1, 2024//

Alkalinity: Get a Better Understanding of Proper pH Levels for Pets

By: Scott Goriscak//July 1, 2024//

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Most people do not understand what alkalinity is and what it does for the body. So, let’s start with the definition of pH? The pH scale measures whether there is more hydronium or hydroxide in a solution. In other words, it tells us how “basic” (alkaline) or acidic the solution is. A lower pH means something is more acidic, also known as a stronger acid. A high pH means it is more alkaline, or a stronger base.

Here is an example in laymen’s terms of acidity versus alkalinity. Many of us have had fish tanks as children. Usually once a month or when you discovered fish that had expired, you would test the water with strips of paper called litmus strips. You would dip the strip in the water and when you removed them the paper would either turn a yellowish shade of color which meant your water was acidic or the paper turned a shade of blue which meant the water was running at an alkaline level. This was an important process for tank maintenance, informing you of what was going on without doubt. It helped you understand that at times even thou the tank would appear clean and clear, fish were at risk of dying.

The results of the test would reveal the truth of the invisible killer, acidity. However, with dogs as with people, if you are not running in an alkaline environment, it doesn’t mean you are going to die; however, it would be more like your body is functioning like a car running on bad gas. You are going to function, just not efficiently.

What is the value of a balanced value in a dog’s body? The healthy level would be 7.1 to 7.4, and you are allowing oxygen coming into the body to be distributed in an efficient way throughout the cells and organs. If you are running at an acidic level the body will struggle to distribute oxygen properly throughout the body. This will make the organs work harder to get the oxygen they need to function properly. Thus, speeding up the aging process.

What can you do to allow you dog to benefit from alkalinity? You need to research the ingredients of your pet’s food to see if you are feeding ingredients that will adjust the internal pH of your dog so that it reaches the healthy level of 7.1 to 7.4 alkalinity in its body.

How can you find out if your dog’s pH is out of balance? To find out whether your dog has a balanced pH, you will need to test their urine with a pH test strip. There is a pet food company that provides these, or you can purchase these through your local pharmacy.

The alkaline diet is based on the science that certain foods cause the body to produce acidity, or alkalinity. It would be more beneficial to have an alkaline range of 7.1 to 7.4 in the body rather than an acidic level that could be harmful. So, by feeding certain foods, you can change the body’s acid level (pH levels).

Balance your dog’s pH levels with an alkaline-based diet that will help direct more oxygen to your dog’s cells; minimize cellular degeneration; address health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney disease; settle digestive upsets, reduce scratching and hotspots; reduce anaerobic activity; increase aerobic activity; and allow the DNA self-recovery mechanism to function properly. When pH falls below the alkaline pH, tissue in the body is prone to degenerative diseases. When pH is at a positive alkaline pH this will reduce aging, minimize cellular degeneration and collagen depletion.

The alkaline diet includes such vegetables as kale, parsley, spinach, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. When it comes to fruits, good choices include apples, bananas and alfalfa. These also contribute to a proper pH balance.

By reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity, overall health increases and may prevent disease. When pH falls below the alkaline pH, tissue in the body is prone to degenerative diseases. You can discover many lists of alkalizing ingredients on the internet. You are looking for alkalizing ingredients as they will change the body. To help in maintaining alkaline system, you need to continue feeding alkalizing ingredients that continue to manage the pH levels in the body.


Scott Goriscak grew up in his family pet business of multiple store locations from New Jersey to Philadelphia in the 1970s-1980s. He was a manager in the No. 1 ranked Petco in the country during the late 1990’s and has worked for some of the most successful manufacturers in the industry such as Four Paws, Nutro Pet Products Inc. and he currently works for Canine Caviar Inc. Norco, California.