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Patenting Your Pet Product

Pet Age Staff//July 8, 2013//

Patenting Your Pet Product

Pet Age Staff //July 8, 2013//

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So you’ve developed the next great innovation for the pet  industry and have applied for a domestic patent.

But, what’s next?

Those considering international patent protection, need to be mindful that there is a limited timeframe available for applying for international patent protection.

This is where Inovia can help.

Since 2002, they have been working with inventors, companies, law firms and universities to reduce the cost and administrative burden of foreign filing. With their technology, they can  estimate an accurate cost estimate and place an order for filing into multiple countries in less than 5 minutes.

Inovia offers a number of resources for inventors, startups and small companies seeking international patent protection, including a monthly “International Patenting 101” webinar series.

For more information on the international filing process and where Inovia fits in to your plan, contact Nicole Gannon at [email protected] or 646-237-3875.