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Fromm Debuts New Four-Star Nutritionals

Pet Age Staff//April 12, 2017//

Fromm Debuts New Four-Star Nutritionals

Pet Age Staff //April 12, 2017//

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Fromm Family Foods is set to debut its newest Four-Star Nutritionals entrée this April. Chicken au Frommage is inspired by French cuisine and features a medley of delectable ingredients for which dogs and cats beg.

These grain-free recipes, in unique formulations for dogs and cats, join a robust menu of grain-free and grain-inclusive Four-Star Nutritional recipes. Each is designed with variety in mind and created to be rotated as often as each mealtime for family pets.

“Four-Star Nutritionals provides the perfect platform to dream up new and creative entrées that not only provide premium nutrition to well-loved furry family members, but also deliver unique flavors and variety too,” said Bryan Nieman, Fromm Family Foods brand director. “We are always inspired by world cuisine, and Chicken au Frommage brings a flavor of France to our customers while complementing the entire Four-Star line.”

Chicken au Frommage joins a growing menu of 12 dry dog food entrees and eight dry cat food entrees, and can be fed exclusively or in rotation with any other Fromm recipe.

Based in Wisconsin, Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned-and-operated business steadfastly committed to continuous innovation and production of the finest pet foods available.

Dedicated to the neighborhood pet retailer from the very beginning, Fromm distributes its artisan recipes through select specialty stores nationwide.

Chicken au Frommage for Dogs

For the Fido craving French cuisine, Chicken au Frommage for dogs is specially prepared in small batches to ensure quality, taste and digestibility from bite one to the bottom of the bowl. Chicken au Frommage is crafted with mouth-watering ingredients, including chicken, cheese, lentils, peas, eggs and sweet potatoes, and brings a savory new option to every dog’s favorite time of the day.

 Chicken au Frommage for Cats

Formulated for cat’s specific nutritional needs, Chicken au Frommage for cats was created as a grain-free entree featuring high-quality cuts of chicken and blended with cheese, lentils, peas, eggs, sweet potatoes and more. Chicken au Frommage is designed to be complimentary, and can be rotated with any Fromm Four-Star entrée that will have your cats meowing merci.