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Nano Aquarium Tips to Share With Customers

Pet Age Staff//December 19, 2012//

Nano Aquarium Tips to Share With Customers

Pet Age Staff //December 19, 2012//

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Just because nano tanks are small, doesn’t mean they’re easy to keep.

Larry French, owner of Larry’s Tropicals in Saint Marys, Ga., said that customers often have a misconception about nanos.

“People want to buy them because they assume they’re self sustaining. But that’s not true; you have to do regular maintenance,” he said.

Experts caution fishkeepers to be careful when they notice anything going wrong in a nano.

“In small tanks sometimes problems can become magnified due to the small space and volume of water,” explained Emma B. Gardea, Sales and Customer Service Manager at Lifegard Aquatics.

Adam Jackson, of JBJ Aquariums, says to be sure to let nano keepers know of the following information:

  • Don’t assume the setup take care of itself. Pay attention and make sure everything looks normal at all times.
    Make a 10- to 15-percent water change weekly. Read as much as you can about the tank and livestock you are choosing before you make a purchase.
  • Be smart about the fish and livestock you choose for your nano. You should stick to fish that do not move around a lot in the wild, according to Jackson. Good choices include damsels, clowns, gobies, smaller wrasses.
  • Don’t overstock. These tanks are smaller, so you shouldn’t pack it full of fish and livestock.
  • Be careful not to overfeed. This is a common mistake among newer hobbyists. It’s a small tank, so too much food will sink to the bottom and ruin your water.

– Bill Kolbenschlag