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Looking For Cat Toy Inventors

Jason Kamery//August 29, 2013//

Looking For Cat Toy Inventors

Jason Kamery //August 29, 2013//

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Worldwise, Inc., has partnered with Edison Nation on a
six-week campaign to find one-of-a-kind ideas in new cat toys and
accessories. Inventors are invited to submit their ideas to Edison
Nation by Oct. 7, 2013. Edison Nation reviews all ideas submitted
to this search, and resents vetted concepts to the Worldwise team
for licensing consideration. If a product concept is chosen through
the campaign, the inventor will receive a $2,500 advance on 20
years percentage of sales. “We feel that we have always been a
leader in bringing new and exciting pet products to the market
place,” Rob Morgan, CEO for Worldwise, said. “That’s why we are
happy to be working with Edison Nation. Through their
community of inventors, we will tap into a wide range of new
product ideas and innovations … helping us keep that creative
edge.” To participate go to It’s
free to join and $25 to submit an idea. Edison Nation will review
idea submissions and present the best ones to Worldwise, which will
evaluate the ideas with an eye toward turning them into viable
products that can be brought to the market. There’s no limit to the
number of inventions that can be submitted and there’s no limit to
the number of ideas Worldwise may choose to develop.