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Trade Show Proves to Be Invaluable Tool

Michelle Maskaly//April 15, 2014//

Trade Show Proves to Be Invaluable Tool

Michelle Maskaly //April 15, 2014//

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For mobile groomers, like Alisa Kane, owner of New Jersey-based Dog-Gone Stylin’, Intergroom creates a world of convenience and opportunity.

“It is perfect place to pick up everything you need and you don’t need to pay shipping,” Kane said. “Mobile is hard because when you are not in the shop, it’s hard to learn about new products and talk with others about clients.”

Despite having various online forums and ways to communicate with other groomers across the country through the internet, Kane said she still finds a show like Intergroom invaluable.

“There are show specials so [even with travel costs] you are still saving money,” Kane said, who estimated she would likely spend between $1,000 and $2,000 at the event and has been attending for the last 9 years. “You get to try on smocks and really overall get to try it before you use it.”

Founded by Shirlee Kalstone in 1981, this year’s Intergroom, a pet grooming competition and trade show featuring industry vendors, master classes and grooming seminars was held in April at the Hilton Meadowlands in New Jersey.


The annual event drew groomers, retailers and vendors from across the country, including Tyana Leake, a groomer at It’s A Dog’s Life in Massachusetts.

“I really wanted to learn from expert groomers and competitors,” Leake, whose first time it was at the event, said. “Everyone is just so open to teaching new things.”

She too liked the idea of being able to test out the products.

“If you buy something you don’t really know how it will work,” she said, while testing out The German Red Clipper. “Here you can try it on hair and different dogs and get a feel if you want to use it or not.”

One of the draws of Intergroom is its grooming competitions, which is one of the reasons Brynn Haynes, a competitive groomer and owner of Bark n’ Bubbles, was at the event.

“It’s something different than everyday hair cuts,” she said. “I saw it [a creative grooming style] on a cover [of a magazine] and thought, ‘Wow, I would never be able to do it. It’s so cool.’”

But, now it’s second nature. She even got her current dog, Frost, a standard poodle, specifically for the competitions.

“My dog is so happy,” she said. “He just soaks up the attention. It’s fun to see everyone’s creative grooming.”