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Innovative Grooming Brands are Producing Advanced Pet Products

Glenn Polyn//February 1, 2021//

Innovative Grooming Brands are Producing Advanced Pet Products

Glenn Polyn //February 1, 2021//

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In order to become or remain competitive in any industry, you must identify and attempt to meet the needs of your customers. Even during a pandemic, whether you’re a retailer, distributor, manufacturer or groomer, the worst thing to do is sit on your laurels. Staying on top of the what’s hot and what’s not, following trends and even creating trends, staying focused and responding to consumer demands is how you stay at the forefront and grow your bottom line.

When COVID-19 hit the country last year, businesses and consumers were forced to make quick and unexpected changes, including those that impacted the grooming of their pets. Home grooming saw an uptick as many dog owners were unable to visit their local pet groomer. Instead of just deodorizers, stain removers and detangling products, consumers were adding more grooming products to their shopping lists.

Although pet groomers are once again open for business, pet owners have grown more attuned to their grooming needs and are researching grooming brands and the ingredients they use to make their products. For retailers, offering the best assortment of home grooming products is the best route to take, as giving consumers plenty of options can only result in increased sales.

In order to help pets with their appearance and health, there are plenty of products available to help deodorize, brighten, whiten, smooth, sooth, reduce shedding and much more. At the top of the product list for consumers are shampoos and conditioners.

Glo-marr is dedicated to skillfully creating leading pet shampoos, conditioners, hygiene and health care products. All products are made with natural, U.S.-sourced materials. And all of the brand’s product lines, including BALANCE and KENIC, cater to specific grooming needs for each pet. All KENIC Shampoos are soap and detergent free and may be used on pets that use topical flea preventatives. In addition, KENIC shampoos and conditioners contain no steroids, hormones or alcohol, and will not strip the coat of oils or dry the skin of pets.

“Formulated in a hypoallergenic base, KENIC Kalaya Emu Oil Shampoo helps restore and rejuvenate hair growth by keeping follicles clean,” said Steve Nicolosi, national sales representative for Glo-Marr. “All KENIC Shampoos are soap and detergent free and may be used on pets that use topical flea preventatives. KENIC shampoos and conditioners contain no steroids, hormones, or alcohol, and will not strip the coat of oils or dry the skin of pets.”

When it comes to grooming, pet owners need to be mindful of their pets’ coat condition and overall hygiene. Best Shot Pet Products aims to excite consumers and pet care professionals with continued advancements in grooming technology. The company sources the finest natural, organic and human-grade ingredients available in all of its lines of products, including Scentament Spa and ONE SHOT, and it uses ingredients from sustainable, earth-derived botanical and mineral origins, including advanced silicone technologies working in unison with various natural extracts and proteins. All Best Shot products are safe for humans and animals, pH balanced for their specific task, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free.

The brand also values the feedback that it receives from groomers and pet parents. A strong relationship is a good way to build trust and ensure that Best Shot is delivering the best grooming product that provides the level of care that is being expected.

“We believe our relationship starts by engaging customers at initial contact,” said Best Shot sales and marketing director Dave Campanella. “The secret to their success and ours is the body of knowledge offered through our ongoing product development, customer service and support. In fact, we’re so certain our products will exceed all expectations we’ve backed them with a 100 percent money back guarantee.”

In a May 2014 grooming article on spritzes, Campanella noted that “pet parents are looking for convenience and legitimate value.”

For a solution-based product, Campanella points to Best Shot’s ONE SHOT when it’s too cold to bathe a dog, or when a customer needs a quick fix for an odor or mess.

“All one needs to do is spray the area of concern, then wipe with a cloth to lift the dirt and debris,” he said. “It’s even effective with urine and fecal messes.”

The Scentament Spa line, which Best Shot launched in 2014, first featured Hawaiian-inspired Mango Maui, Tahitian-inspired Tropical Breeze and Caribbean-inspired Exotic Island fragrances. The line has been so successful that it currently boasts 21 scents.

Oxyfresh is a brand that’s known for making an assortment of safe and environmentally friendly deodorizers, ear cleaners, conditioning shampoos and dental care products for today’s health-conscious consumers.

The brand was bestowed with three product awards in the pet category for the 2019 Family Choice Awards, which recognizes the best products, services and resources for all members of a family including pets. The three pet products that won top honors were its Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste, Pet Dental Water Additive and Pet Deodorizer.

“Our team is humbled and encouraged by our ingredient conscious fans who chose our incredible products,” said Mariano Tellarini, president of Oxyfresh. “The consistent and growing demand for Oxyfresh inspires us to be more creative and dedicated in our mission.”

Highly regarded by veterinarians, Oxyfresh prides itself in creating safe pet care solutions that don’t involve harsh chemicals or additives that can be harmful to pets. Their groundbreaking, proprietary ingredient Oxygene sets the company apart from its competition. Oxygene gently and safely neutralizes the bacteria that causes pet bad breath and periodontal disease, helping pets live longer, happier lives.

Skout’s Honor is an award-winning company based in Irvine, Calif. that offers super-natural cleaning, topical probiotic grooming, preventative wellness and safer sanitizing products for pets. Founded by a team of animal lovers and proud pet owners, the company created its “Skout’s Paw Pledge,” and donates a day’s worth of food for a shelter animal in need with every product sold.

Last year, the pet specialty brand best known for its environmentally and socially conscious cleaning, grooming and wellness products announced that it had fast-tracked a line of topical sanitizing products for the pet specialty industry, in response to consumer demand for daily solutions that can help keep people and their pets, safer.

“It’s always been our priority to listen closely to the needs of pet parents and respond with products that solve their most immediate problems with a better option than anything currently available to them,” said Pete Stirling, president of Skout’s Honor, at the time of the product launch. “When the COVID crisis hit, we were overwhelmed with requests from our customers, retailers and the pet industry overall to come up with a safer sanitizing solution than alcohol-based products that are known to be harmful when used on pets. This new line up represents the better, safer option, and also off ers peace of mind for those out there wishing to add an extra layer of protection to their pet’s daily routine.”

Aptly named for its tropical fragrance themes, TropiClean is recognized for its signature line of shampoos and conditioners imbued with the essences of papaya and coconut. Th e brand’s top grooming products are:

• TropiClean Papaya & Coconut Luxury 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner – has a long-lasting papaya and coconut fragrance and dual purpose of shampooing and conditioning.

• TropiClean Oatmeal & Tea Tree Medicated Itch Relief Shampoo – a safe shampoo made with naturally derived ingredients that helps relieve itching.

• TropiClean Berry & Coconut Deep Cleaning Wipes – easy and safe to use on a dog or cat for a quick cleanup, especially between baths.

• TropiClean Gentle Coconut Hypoallergenic Puppy & Kitten Shampoo – its mild formula is safe for younger pets as well as dogs and cats with sensitive skin.

Most recently the brand launched its TropiClean PerfectFur line of shampoos to address the specifi c needs for a variety of different dog coats. All shampoos in the PerfectFur line — Combination Coat, Curly & Wavy Coat, Long Haired Coat, Short Double Coat, Smooth Coat and Th ick Double Coat are not only soap-free, but paraben-free, and dye free, a recommendation by the American Kennel Club to keep dogs’ coats and skin healthy.

“All dogs are different and have different coat types,” said Kristen Presker, brand manager at Cosmos Corporation. “TropiClean PerfectFur launched with careful consideration as we found pet parents seek out products personalized to their specifi c needs. Personalization facilitates diff erentiation and uniqueness by creating a product that is perceived as being more closely aligned with individual needs, and 69 percent of pet parents agreed that their choice of products for theirtreat dry, itchy skin, hot spots, dermatitis and other skin ailments. Our medicated formula is sulfate-free and contains anti-inflammatory and cell-proliferating ingredients for a deep, conditioning clean that helps restore skin’s defenses.”

Previously only accessible through a veterinarian, the ZYMOX Ear Solution series is now available in retail pet supply stores as well. Unlike veterinarian-prescribed ear care products that require a separate solution to clean the ears prior to treating them, the ZYMOX patented LP3 Enzyme System combines naturally derived enzymes that provide “gentle relief without the need for the pet owner to pre-clean the ear prior to application.”

ZYMOX’s signature feature is the management of painful, irritated ears without the use of antibiotics, which is a popular demand among pet owners.
Deirdre Putman, marketing manager for Pet King Brands (the makers of ZYMOX and Oratene), said: “Pet owners are more aware of the risks or side effects associated with antibiotics. They are more educated regarding what they can do to help their pets without another costly trip to the veterinarian.”

Described as the gold standard in self-serve dog washes, the Evolution Dog Wash Company is an innovative, self-washing machine designed to enable pet retailers, veterinary professionals and animal shelters to uniquely meet a consumer’s needs while building customer satisfaction and generating revenue.
“We pride ourselves in creating a cost-effective and profit generating dog wash that is unlike any other,” said Gary M. Sherman, founder of Evolution Dog Wash. “Most clients see a return on their investment much more quickly than they anticipated, making it a worthwhile purchase.”

Offering an easy, convenient way for customers to wash their dogs not only increases a retailer’s sales revenue, it also attracts new customers to that store location. Dogs aren’t just pets, they’re members of the family and their owners want only the best for them, but when bathing the family dog means making a mess of the bathtub, clogging the drain with fur, and air drying inside the apartment, it’s easy to neglect. The Evolution Dog Wash makes bathing a dog easier, quicker, and more convenient.

Each Evolution system is built by hand to the client’s specifications. The dog wash is built in the U.S. and can be shipped all over the world. The system is constructed of stainless steel, high quality parts and attention to detail. Requiring limited maintenance, it will be a long-lasting asset for any brick-and-mortar business.

Throw in the fashion-savvy groomers that are bringing their stylish designs to the table as they once again open for business, combine that with the mobile groomers who also are filling a niche, and today’s pet parents have a seemingly endless array of options at their finger tips. It’s with innovators like these that will ensure pet parents will have access to the best grooming products and services possible.