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How the Best Places to Work List Will Help Your Pet Brand Gain Industry Recognition

By Pet Age Staff//April 10, 2024//

How the Best Places to Work List Will Help Your Pet Brand Gain Industry Recognition

By: Pet Age Staff//April 10, 2024//

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For the third consecutive year, Pet Age will be recognizing the Best Places to Work in the Pet Industry, a program for companies that enables them to benchmark their organization, learn more about their employees and stand out in their communities as one of the best places to work.

In a world of shrinking margins and heightened competition for employees, a progressive and proactive human resources strategy is critical to creating and sustaining competitive advantage.

If you’d like to stand out from the competition and put the power of the Pet Age brand to work in the pet industry, this program is for you.

Why Participate?

  • Pump Up Your Organizational Pride

When your organization appears on Pet Age’s Best Places to Work list, your management, employees and other stakeholders swell with pride. Many companies use the “Best Places to Work” logo to create shirts, pins and other promotional items to be distributed internally. Employee morale receives a boost and employee retention is increased.

  • Public Relations, Marketing & Recruiting Advantage

Being named as one of the Best Places to Work in the Pet Industry can have a tremendous impact on your marketing efforts. You can use the distinction to enhance employee recruiting efforts, increase the effectiveness of your organization’s overall marketing and to improve your company’s reputation in the industry.

  • The Best Companies Employee Feedback Report

Participating organizations will have several opportunities throughout the process to purchase their “Best Companies Group Employee Feedback Report.” This invaluable resource will provide your organization with world-class feedback in a summary format.

The report will include:

  • The complete spreadsheet detailing the results of the Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey.
  • A transcript of all written employee comments from the open ended questions.
  • Industry Benchmark Reports that will enable you to compare your results to the winner’s and non-winner’s averages.
  • Guided reading and interpretation of the report from one of Best Companies Group’s Survey Specialists.
  • This world-class survey will help provide deeper insight and strengthen your company’s human resource efforts in 8 Core Focus Areas:
    • Leadership and Planning
    • Culture and Communications
    • Role Satisfaction
    • Working Environment
    • Relationship with Supervisor
    • Training, Development & Resources
    • Pay and Benefits
    • Overall Engagement


For more information and to register go to the Best Places to Work pet industry website.