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Helping Pets Impacted by Oklahoma Tornado

Michelle Maskaly//May 21, 2013//

Helping Pets Impacted by Oklahoma Tornado

Michelle Maskaly //May 21, 2013//

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As crews search through the destruction left by a deadly tornado that whipped through the Oklahoma City area Monday night, they are looking for survivors with both two, and four, legs.

Jim Reese, the Oklahoma secretary of agriculture, told the L.A. Times, the state was creating shelters for pets and large animals.

“As far as animals that I know of, it will be pets, horses, and smaller operations,” Reese told the newspaper.

Various local and national pet rescue groups were combing the debris looking for animals trapped in the devastation, while others groups turned to social media to help reunite pets and their families. The website VetStreet has a list of these groups on their website.

The American Kennel Club has also set up an information page on their website where those looking to help animals impacted by the tornado can make a donation to their AKC Canine Support and Relief Fund.

According to Dr. Marty Becker, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has eight teams searching the rubble since late last night. They have been updating their Facebook page and Twitter feed frequently with information.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also been posting information for those impacted on their Facebook page, and according to a news release has set up operations on the ground in the area.

But, one story of survival has captured a the nation, especially on social media.

Barbara Garcia, a tornado survivor was being interviewed by CBS News’ Anna Werner, when she found her dog buried alive under the rubble.



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