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Going Natural

Pet Age Staff//June 5, 2013//

Going Natural

Pet Age Staff //June 5, 2013//

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This is the Publisher’s Letter as published in the June issue of Pet Age.

The topic of health is becoming more prevalent now-a-days, than ever before. When you open up a magazine, turn on the TV or read the news, usually you can find something about a health related study, or how you should eat healthier. It’s a conscious choice we are starting to make as individuals, to help better our lives. Now, that we have helped ourselves, we are starting to turn our attention to our pet’s health.

The natural segment of the pet industry has continued to grow each year. It’s something that we feel is so important that we have devoted a pullout supplement in our June issue of Pet Age to just natural products. In it you will find information about natural nutrition, treats, grooming and bedding. Each one of them is about some of the top products you can find in that category, and other information you may need to help sell your natural products.

All-natural products are something I am extremely passionate about, not to just do the right thing, but to keep myself healthier. I personally do a 90 percent organic diet, do yoga and exercise every day.  All of the cleaning products in our house and laundry detergents are organic and contain no VOCs. The things I do, a lot of people do and they are bringing their lifestyle to their pet.

The nutritional section is about the different organic, grain-free, raw, frozen and vegan pet food options that are now available. It covers the different high-quality ingredients that can be found in different natural food.

The treats section covers the expansion of the treat industry. It also features a couple of companies that put their own different homemade touches on their treats. The natural bedding section covers its recent expansion and the different materials that are used to make all-natural bedding products.

Finally, the grooming section covers the ever expanding natural options that are available in this segment. Also, how the products continue to evolve as more scientific studies are being discovered.

The natural section in the pet industry continues to be an extremely interesting, and evolving, area, as more research is done on how to give pets the best possible life. It is one that excites us, being able to show you several different options to have in your store and to give a little background on each of them. While there are so many all-natural products out there that we can’t get to all of them, we hope this shows a small, interesting portion of it.

If you haven’t started selling natural products in your store, this is the push to do so, as it will only continue to grow. If you’re already selling natural products in your store, then we hope this either pushes you to expand your selection, or it helps you to learn more about the products you already have on your shelves to give better information to your customers.

We hope this supplement serves to educate you and provide you with information that you didn’t know and you could share with your customers.

– Craig Rexford