Global Pet Expo: Exhibitors Share Show Specials, Buyer Opportunities

Glenn Polyn//March 1, 2022//

Global Pet Expo: Exhibitors Share Show Specials, Buyer Opportunities

Glenn Polyn //March 1, 2022//

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It’s been two years since the pet care community has gathered for Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. While much has changed, many things have remained the same. Produced by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), Global Pet Expo continues to be the premier international gathering that connects pet product manufacturers, importers, retailers, thought leaders and creative minds. 

In place of virtual meetings and digital interactions, pet brands will have in-person discussions with retailers, distributors and other members of the pet care community. The following companies shared with us what they’ll have to offer attendees who visit their booth during the 3-day trade show. 


American Wood Fibers 

American Wood Fibers (AWF) looks forward to Global Pet Expo attendees who visit at booth 752 to see the brand’s full line of PetsPick small animal bedding products, including the new, sustainably sourced, natural, bright white, ultra-lightweight PetsPick Paper Pellets. Ask for Amy or Julie. 

PetsPick creates, manufactures and distributes a wide assortment of branded pet bedding and animal products found on the shelves of some of the top retailers in America. AWF is a leader in sustainable forestry products for homes, pet owners and businesses of all kinds. AWF’s customers count on the brand for delivery of quality, clean and contaminant free products that are green and renewably resourced. Good for people. Good for pets. Good for the planet. 


Ark Naturals 

Once again, Ark Naturals is launching innovative and differentiated products demonstrating and validating their leadership position in dental innovation for pets. This year’s innovation excitement is squarely centered on ensuring dogs of all chewing types have a dental chew specifically designed for their individual chewing tolerance. Soft Shield is the only soft baked dental chew on the market today. It is carefully crafted for those pets that are delicate chewers. This 5-in-1 soft baked chew stops plaque and tartar before they start and works from the inside out increasing protective antibodies in the saliva to form a protective barrier on teeth. Extreme Clean is on the other end of the Hardness Scale and is designed to be longer lasting. These once-a-week, deep cleaning chews are longer in shape and wider in diameter than the brand’s Original Brushless Toothpaste, and they offer deep ridges for extreme cleaning. This shape allows pups to “hold” the chew and makes them great for more abrasive scraping of plaque and tartar from hard to reach places like back molars. 

Ark Naturals is also unveiling its Denta-Meter Hardness Scale, which the brand created to help pet parents choose the right dental chew for their pup. Every dog’s dental needs are unique, and now they have an option on what hardness is appropriate for their specific chewing tolerance. 


Barking Buddha/Natural Cravings 

Natural Cravings Pet Treats is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to making healthy and delicious treats, chews and bully sticks that your pets will love to eat. The company has created two distinctive brands that speak to two different customer groups: Natural Cravings USA is exclusively sourced and packed in the U.S.A. and Barking Buddha Pet has a variety of origins but always staying sustainable and grass-fed. 

Natural Cravings USA sources everything in the USA, and this process starts with U.S. livestock then continues with manufacturing and packaging in the brand’s warehouse in Homestead, Florida. The brand offers single-ingredient products such as its famous Monster and Super Monster bully sticks and chews. The entire line is slow roasted in human-grade ovens to guarantee high quality while maximizing flavor for your four-legged fur friend. 

Barking Buddha has curated a great line of healthy treats that begin with grass-fed and free-range South American livestock. This process continues with the brand’s USDA-approved manufacturing process and packaging. As for organic grooming products, Buddha Bubbles is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., offering top quality grooming for all dogs’ puppies to seniors with sensitive to normal skin to various skin issues. 


Champion Petfoods 

Champion Petfoods is excited to reunite with its valued retail and distributor partners at the show and showcase three new products:  

ORIJEN Amazing Grains, which features 90 percent premium animal ingredients, the highest animal content in any ORIJEN dry dog food recipe, as well as a superpremium grain blend of quinoa, millet, chia, oat groats and whole oats to support digestive health. 

ORIJEN Wet Cat, a premium cat pâté made of 95 percent quality WholePrey animal ingredients and topped with visible shreds of animal protein in a nourishing bone broth.  

ACANA Wet Cat, a premium cat pâté rich with 85 percent quality animal ingredients like beef, chicken, tuna, lamb and salmon. 

On top of these exciting new products, Champion’s team has developed new food and treat products for ORIJEN and ACANA in 2021 that will be highlighted at the show: ACANA High Protein Biscuits, ACANA Freeze-Dried Food, ACANA Healthy Grains, ACANA Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs, ACANA and ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food, ORIJEN Guardian 8, ORIJEN Kitten, and ORIJEN High Protein Dog Biscuits. 


COLLAR Company 

COLLAR Company’s goal is to provide its customers and partners with the easiest way to learn about the brand’s innovative pet products. The brand’s state-of-the-art booth (booth 2605) will be showcasing its NASA21 collection, which is approved by NASA and includes collars, leashes, harnesses and clothes. This collection is the only pet product line that has been approved to be on NASA’s official website.

Visitors to booth 2605 will also discover WAUDOG (leather, nylon and waterproof accessories), EVOLUTOR (the most durable collar and leash with a global lifetime warranty), AiryVest (the lightest dog jacket in the world) WAUDOG Re-cotton (dog accessories made from recycled cotton), WAUDOG Smart ID (pet tags with QR passports and unique designs). Ring-Shaped WAUDOG Leash (named Product of the Year 2020/2021 award by PET Worldwide). 

Puller, a dog fitness tool, will also be showcased at Global Pet Expo. COLLAR Company will also demonstrate its newest products that have entered the U.S. market, including the WAUDOG Reflective series (collars and clothes), ergonomic patch for collars and smart ID tags with QR passports. Visitors and pet partners will learn more about COLLAR Company’s licensees at its booth. Originally designed WAUDOG products will be demonstrated for the first time at Global Pet Expo. 


Distinctly Himalayan 

As a partner to Distinctly Himalayan’s best-selling Karma Cat cat toy line, the company is excited to launch its new Dharma Dog line of dog toys at Global Pet Expo. This wool blend allows dog’s teeth to sink in all the way to the gums. Coarse wool fibers have jagged edges to scrape away food and plaque. It features safe, non-toxic dyes and there are no synthetic fibers that may be harmful if ingested. 

Dharma Dog Karma Cat is also excited to introduce new branding and packaging. This new branding will more impactfully reflect the handmade nature of the brand’s products, and also its commitment to sustainability and fair trade. Pet owners are incredibly well informed when it comes to brands, and cynical in all the right ways. Gone are the days of simply greenwashing. The informational landscape has moved beyond soundbites and spin; substance is king. Dharma Dog Karma Cat is all about transparency. The brand’s approach to its products and marketing is the same. Be straight-forward, honest and use every day to learn and get better at what it does. 

Sustainability and fair trade have been part of the brand’s core principles from the time it was founded. For Dharma Dog Karma Cat, sustainability means that the brands leave as minimal a mark on the planet as possible. Fair Trade means its entire production chain, from the farmers it buys its wool from to the artisans and even the people who ship its products, are part of a cycle that improves their lives. Product packaging is the perfect example of this. It is biodegradable, and the brand goes so far as to tie its toys to their header cards with natural fiber twine, and not plastic. This both provides employment for less skilled workers and means that hundreds of thousands of plastic fasteners aren’t go back into the environment. 



This year at Global Pet Expo, Yeowww! Catnip is all about fun. Founded in 1997, Duckyworld will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and are looking forward to reconnecting with its customers at the show. The company has partnered with Sterling Davis, known as the “Trapking,” to educate and entertain attendees. Davis will be at the DuckyWorld Products/Yeowww! Catnip booth 2644 from 1 to 3 p.m. March 24. As a former professional rapper and one of the only African American cat rescuers in the nation, Davis has taken his mission of humanely controlling cat overpopulation into the national spotlight. He has been featured for his lifesaving work on the Drew Barrymore Show, Netflix’s Cat People, the Today Show, the Washington Post, The Dodo and many more. Davis will talk about the importance of cat enrichment as well as perform some cat raps, to showcase his work in feline rescue. He lives and breathes his motto:You don’t lose cool points for compassion. 

Yeowww! Catnip plans to release a new product at the show, Yeowww! Catnip Buds. The brand will also showcase its newest toys: Pineapple and Kitten Mittens. 


Fromm Family Foods 

Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family owned-and-operated business dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals. Each Fromm product is made with the finest ingredients in one of three family-owned manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and sold exclusively at neighborhood pet stores across North America. Visit booth 3209 to learn more about the full collection of food and treats along with new introductions including:  

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Trout & Whitefish Recipe for dogs and cats: the latest introduction from the premium, variety-driven line of artisan recipes that features a blend of trout, whitefish and whole grains as well as Miscanthus grass as an alternate, functional fiber source to promote consistent stools and bowel regularity.  

New Diner Classics, a collection of six stews, pates and canned entrees for dogs inspired by well-loved 1950’s comfort diner cuisine and formulated to be nutritionally complete and balanced to be fed exclusively or in rotation with other Fromm canned and dry diets.  

Fromm Catastroni Stews for cats: a series of canned stews in four mouth-watering flavors: Chicken & Vegetable Stew, Lamb & Vegetable Stew, Salmon & Vegetable Stew and Turkey & Vegetable Stew. 

Fromm Pop’etts, a new line of cracker snacks for dogs featuring four unique flavors including: Chompy Chees, Banana Peanut Butter Buster, Crispy-Airy Cranberry and Kickin’ Chicken Liver.  


Guardian Pet Food Company 

In addition to showcasing its newly patented (USPTO #11,206,852) NOBL Canine Food Bars and our award-winning Dog Almighty Elixir supplements, Guardian will be featuring the NOBL VISIBLES dog treat line. With only three ingredients, these 100 percent all-natural, freeze-dried treats are sure to become your dog’s favorite. No artifiical colors, no synthetic ingredients. VISIBLES are animal based (Beef, Chicken or Salmon) with visible chunks of vegetables.  

Our primary focus at the Global Pet Expo, however, will revolve around supporting independent retailers. Besides “Show Only” sales specials, the spotlight feature will be the new “Lift & Learn” Displays and Endcaps. These are interactive units that will inform and educate both retail associates and consumers alike. In addition to Guardian assets, they can be customized with store specific information, graphics, coupons and more! Add in the ability to display the entire Guardian portfolio and you have more than a “must see”; it’s a “must-have.” 



Inaba is deeply rooted in a family tradition of excellence that has continued for generations. Since 1958, pet parents have entrusted the brand with the privilege of providing food that is high-quality, nutrient rich and guarantees feline fun. Inaba is committed to the future of feline health while recognizing that food is one of life’s greatest joys for people and pets. 

Inaba will be unveiling several new products at Global Pet Expo, including Churu Stews. Perfect for all ages (kitten to senior), simply tear open a pouch and pour out the delicious mix of gelée and meat/cheese. Use as a side dish, a complement to a meal, a dry cat food topper or a special treat.  

For dogs, Inaba will be presenting Mega Churu. Water is very important when it comes to a dog’s nutrition. Dogs naturally lose water throughout their daily activities. That’s why it is essential to not only give them access to fresh drinking water but to supplement their hydration with high moisture treats. Inaba makes snack time fun for you and your furry friends. 



MyFamily, the innovative leading manufacturer of pet specialty accessories, will be introducing plenty of exciting new ideas and products at booth 1409. The first is “memopet”, an innovative collection of high-quality nylon collars, leashes and harnesses containing an NFC chip that allows them to become virtual data bases. Now health, wellness and other important information about your pet can be stored, managed, and shared via smartphone with just a tap of a buckle on any memopet product and “memopetID” app. All “memopet” products are batteryfree and have MyFamily signature features like soft, fur resistant “Pelostop” fabric, lining every harness and collars adorned with an ID tag holder and “Always Ready D-Ring,” which stands at attention making it easier to attach a leash. Available in eight bold colors: black, electric blue, dark blue, brown, orange, red, green and pink, memopet is truly extraordinary. 

Of course, plenty of new ID tag designs will also be presented. The “Basic Handmade” collection has been updated with new stylish epoxy filled colors, pronounced edges and a MyFamily pictogram that enhances their classic beauty. The “Style” collection is made up of camouflage, in green, pink and blue that look great on their own, but match perfectly with the brand’s “West Point” collars and leashes, and “Pied de Poule,” a tribute to that famous fabric of the ’60s which is sure to make you feel nostalgic! The colorful “Rainbow” collection, shaped in bones, circles and hearts, represent peace, joy, and love without boundaries. Finally, the appetizing “Food” collection, sixteen iconic things we love to eat and drink, are presented at their best. From pizza and burgers, ice cream, popcorn, sushi and beer, they will all leave you smiling and your mouth watering. 

MyFamily also will be unveiling Techla XL, its latest self-service engraving machine. Featuring an 18.5-inch vertical LCD touchscreen, intuitive user interface and integrated modular display that is designed to enhance the customer experience, increase visibility, and improve ID tag sales. The unique XL display panel design provides flexibility as retailers can configure its shape and size to fit any spatial requirement, also making it able to easily expand for additional ID tag designs and complementary products like MyFamily premier collars, leashes and harnesses to be added.  



Nulo is proud to introduce our newest line of functional treats for cats – a health & wellness-focused line designed to provide cats with the enrichment they crave in the form of a crunchy better-for-them snack. Nulo’s nutritional philosophy extends to all of our product lines and has a critical role in allowing us to balance nutrition with the needs of both pets and owners. Nulo cat treats are made with a high proportion of protein from animal (vs. plant) sources, are low in carbohydrates and contain grain-free low-glycemic carb sources, and they each contain functional ingredients that target health & wellness solutions, like improving gut, heart and skin and coat health. As carnivores, acceptance of our high-meat treats by cats is naturally very high. And with just two calories per treat coupled with our active-lifestyle approach, we can help pets in the battle against feline obesity and other weight-related issues. Nulo’s crunchy cat treats are available in three functional recipes, including Digestion, Heart Health, and Skin & Coat formulas. 

Nulo Soft Chew Supplements for Dogs are designed to enhance your dog’s health and wellness beyond what core nutrition provides. With more than 40 scientifically supported active ingredients and five solution-focused formulas, including Calming, Immune, Mobility, Omega, and Probiotic, the brand’s Soft Chew Supplements are suitable for puppies, adults and senior dogs. But supplements are only as good as what’s inside them, so get to know Nulo’s ingredients and the many benefits they have to offer. 



NutriSource is excited to be showcasing two new products driven by innovation, both in product and mission. The newly launched NutriSource Come-pooch-a is the brand’s first product in the topper category with a unique twist. Inspired by kombucha, Come-pooch-a is a savory meaty bone broth topper that’s packed with activated postbiotics from fermentation product, that thrive in the gut and promote a healthy gut ecosystem for digestion support in dogs. Its aroma and flavor tempt picky and stressed dogs to eat their kibble or simply add to food or water for hydration and palatability support. 

Another newly launched product, NutriSource SuperStars Training Rewards, are pocket-friendly, nutritious and low-calorie, making them great for frequent rewards. These treats feature meat-rich, protein dense recipes that have no corn, wheat, soy or potato. But these treats also offer an even greater benefit; 100 percent of profits from the sale of NutriSource SuperStars are donated; helping families, children and pets facing hardships; making NutriSource SuperStars a nutritious treat with a purpose. 


Pet Palette Distribution 

Maryland-based national wholesale distributor Pet Palette Distribution has several surprises planned for their independent retail store-inspired layout at Booth #261, including two official brand launches that are so new and top-secret, they can’t even share the names yet. But they’ve guaranteed these new products will draw some major attention from passers-by. Other new brands that will be featured include American-made SodaPup and Plato Pet Treats, who will only be viewable at Pet Palette Distribution’s GPE booth, in addition to Yeowww and SnugArooz. 

Pet Palette Distribution will also be rolling out new product line extensions from several of their existing top brands at the show, including Zippy Paws, VIP Products, Outward Hound, the highly anticipated Glow Plush from Spunky Pup, and this year’s hot new apparel styles from GF Pet. Show specials from over 50 brands will be available, whether retailers are able to attend the show in person or not. Promotions will begin the first day of GPE and run through end of day April 6.  

The distributor’s oversized booth will be positioned by the Food Court and have a comfortable lounge area with couches and tables for retailers to take a break. Walls and signage will don its new branding and logo, as well as a large selection of their top selling products. You’ll be greeted by familiar faces as well as some new additions to the sales team, who will invite you to visit their newly improved e-commerce website which has recently undergone a variety of functional upgrades. Be sure to drop a business card in one of their contest boxes to win an endcap of free products at the end of the show.  



Visit booth 1840 to learn how P.L.A.Y. is continuing to develop new toy collections, beds and other exciting additions to the special products consumers and retailers have come to love. Make traveling with your customers’ best friend easy. Get your cameras out and watch as dogs are transported around the globe to iconic landmarks with the new Totally Touristy Plush Toy Collection featuring three popular tourist attraction shaped toys including the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower.  

P.L.A.Y.’s customers have been asking for smaller versions of its best-selling plush toy collections. The brand started by shrinking down its Garden Fresh and American Classic lines and now will be debuting two new mini-sized collections, Barking Brunch and Party Time. These toys may be smaller in size, but they still pack the same amount of fun, construction and cool features as the original sized versions. 

P.L.A.Y. will also unveil a fun toy collaboration coming soon with Earth Rated. Dogs and humans alike will get to enjoy a playful food tour of Montréal through four iconic and appetizing toy designs, which will celebrate the home of Canadian cuisine and the Earth Rated office. In line with P.L.A.Y.’s other plush toys collections, all toys will also feature the same hand-made craftsmanship, eco-friendly PlanetFill filler made from 100 percent post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, AZO-free dyes and 100 percent machine-washable and dryer-friendly.  


Portland Pet Food Company 

Portland Pet Food Company (booth 1155) we will be featuring some exciting innovation alongside its line of fresh, human-grade Homestyle Meals, which can be used as a topper, mixer, or rotational meal. Unlike most human-grade options for dogs, these meals are shelf-stable for two years, contain no additives or preservatives and are entirely sourced and made in the U.S.A. 

The brand also will be launching its line of cat SKUs. These cat meals are made similarly to the original Homestyle Meals for dogs; they are human-grade, sourced and made in the US.A., and are designed to be used as a complement to a cat’s regular food. The difference for our cat meals is how they are designed to be nutritionally appropriate for cats – with a higher inclusion of moisture, taurine and protein to best fit a cat’s natural diet.  

Finally, Portland Pet Food Company is excited to share its packaging re-design for Brew Biscuits, which are made with upcycled spent grain from local breweries. The new design for the Brew Biscuits better highlights and explains the sustainability behind repurposing spent grain – a brewery’s No. 1 waste product – into dog treats and why it is beneficial for dogs and the environment. 


Project Hive Pet Company 

Project Hive Pet Company sells innovative, interactive U.S.-made dog toys and treats with a mission to save the bees. Why bees? Bees are essential to our food supply and a sustainable future for pets, people and the planet. 

The brand’s toys are distinguishable by their unique shapes and color. The  honey bee-inspired design language — the cute and recognizable honeycomb and hexagonal shapes — ties into the brand’s bee-saving mission. Their bright yellow color makes them easy to find (for both dogs and humans). Made of thermoplastic elastomers, they are flexible yet durable and can be recycled and ground into new toys. They are non-toxic, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, bounce erratically and float. They are also multifunctional: The ball can fit in a ball thrower; the disc is a soothing lick mat on the other side, helping to soothe anxiety; The Hive Fetch Stick and Hive Chew Toys have internal cavities that snugly fit Hive Chew Stick Treats for extended play. 

Project Hive Pet Company’s co-founder, Jim Schifman, will be ready to greet and tell attendees more about the terrific line of toys and treats, and what’s on the horizon for new products. Show Special: Orders placed during the show will receive a 10 percent discount. 


Skout’s Honor 

Skout’s Honor will be showing off its expanded booth (booth 450) with more space to showcase its extensive product collections in Cleaning, Grooming, Wellness, Flea + Tick and Training Aid categories. The brand is particularly excited about seeing customers and colleagues again in person and having the opportunity to introduce new product additions in each category including the following items: 

Cleaning: Messy Pet? New Severe Mess Stain & Odor (Advanced) Solutions for Dog & Cat (35-ounce). And new Outdoor Urine & Odor Destroyer (with hose attachment) for Concrete & Turf (32-ounce). 

Grooming: Stinky Dog? New “Happy Puppy” fragrance for its Probiotic Grooming Collection (featuring a 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Detangler & Deodorizer spray). 

Wellness: Itchy Pet? New Probiotic Paw Spray (preventative solution for keeping paws happy and healthy). 

Flea + Tick: Got Fleas? New Award-winning Natural Flea + Tick Collection, featuring Shampoo, Dog & Home Spray, Yard Spray (in an amazing fragrance that smells like fresh peppermint and cedarwood). 

Training Aids: Bad Behavior? New Natural & Preventative Training Aids including Super Sour.  

Global attendees also can learn more about the brand’s successful “Paw Pledge” program (Buy a Bottle, Feed an Animal), which has donated more than 10 million meals to rescue pets to date. 



SquarePet will be showcasing its expanded line of VFS (Veterinarian Formulated Solutions) formulas at booth 1603. VFS is a line of premium solutions based nutritional diet options made with only the highest quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. The line has been designed and created by SquarePet’s team of veterinary professionals including a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and PhD animal nutritionists to provide a portfolio of premium and all-natural solutions-based diet options to help support a dog’s individual needs.  

VFS’s ability to meet these needs stems from the SquarePet nutritional philosophy of pairing premium high-quality ingredients with solution based veterinary style nutrition – a combination that’s never been available until now. VFS offers premium solutions based nutritional options that support the needs of individual dogs including VFS Active Joints, VFS Skin & Digestive Support, VFS Ideal Digestion, VFS Low Phosphorus Formula and VFS Low Fat Formula. 

SquarePet is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, is made up of pet industry professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists and manufacturing experts to supply new and reimagined nutritional formulations unique to the pet food industry.  


Stella & Chewy’s 

The mission at Stella & Chewy’s is to help pets and pet parents thrive through the love of raw. The brand shares in their desire to provide the best possible nutrition and strive to be pet parents’ first choice in premium raw pet food, the best choice for keeping pets feeling loved, happy, and healthy. Our dog and cat food and treats are exclusively sold in Pet Specialty stores.  

We believe in the power of raw which is why we include raw in our kibble. Stella & Chewy’s offers both Raw Coated and Raw Blend kibbles all made in our own kitchens. Raw Coated kibble uses our high protein kibble, and is then coated with our irresistible freeze-dried raw. Raw Blend kibble features the raw coated kibble with added pieces of our freeze-dried raw mixed in. All kibbles are made in the USA and use responsibly sourced animal proteins and ingredients. We never use artificial preservatives, colors, flavors. Our kibbles are available in grain free and grain inclusive formulas and varying different proteins to help fit the unique needs of each pet.  

For additional benefits of raw Stella & Chewy’s also offers Freeze-Dried Raw dinner patties, mixers, treats, and dinner dusts. The freeze-dried format is the most convenient way to feed raw. It is formulated to mirror a dog or cat’s ancestral diet and packed with nutrients and responsibly sourced proteins. It is minimally processed, shelf stable, and features meat as the #1 ingredient. Freeze-Dried dinner patties and dinner morsels are formulated as a complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and cats. To add a boost or raw nutrition, we offer Meal Mixers and Stella Solutions. Simply mix with the pets’ kibble or other food to make mealtime more exciting and nutritious. Low calorie and high protein, our freeze-dried treats such as Carnivore Crunch and Wild Weenies are a great training incentive. Stella & Chewy’s Magical Dinner Dusts can be sprinkled over the top of the food to entice picky eaters. Our freeze-dried options are available in a variety of responsibly sourced unique proteins. 

Come meet the Stella & Chewy’s pack at booth number 620 to learn more about the power of raw and what the brand has to offer. 


Supreme Petfoods 

At Global Pet Expo this year, Supreme will be showcasing its popular Science Selective and Tiny Friends Farm (TFF) ranges, two of the strongest performing brands in the small pet food sector. The company will also be launching its new consumer marketing campaigns for 2022 which will further support the sales of these renowned and successful brands. 

As the widest range of veterinary recommended species-specific foods for small pets, Science Selective supports optimum digestive health and meets the unique nutritional needs of small animals. The range is developed by veterinary experts and nutritionists, meaning it is trusted by owners and receives high customer brand loyalty. Lifestage diets (junior, adult, mature) ensure that the pet’s exact nutritional needs are met throughout life. In line with Supreme’s commitment to the environment, the packaging of the Science Selective range is fully recyclable.  

Multi-award-winning small pet brand Tiny Friends Farm was launched over twenty years ago. It offers fantastic value for money whilst not compromising on quality. Developed by nutritional experts, TFF is made with high quality natural ingredients for optimum digestive health. This wholesome fun range including Russel Rabbit and Gerty Guinea Pig provides pets with nutritionally balanced diets and is trusted by owners to meet their pet’s specific needs.  

To support sales of both brands, Supreme is launching new consumer marketing campaigns for 2022. The Science Selective campaign focuses on vet recommended science-based nutrition, emphasizing the specific nutritional needs of each individual stage of a pet’s life. Bold, eye-catching branding attracts customer attention and new lifestyle photography directly connects owners to their pets and the Selective brand. The Tiny Friends Farm campaign focuses on the fun TFF characters for greater emotional engagement to the products. Marketing materials directly communicate the high quality, value for money messaging. For both product ranges, retailers are supported with a full range of brand specific advertising and POS materials including educational leaflets, posters, free food samples and voucher schemes to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 



Trusted for its premium Proden PlaqueOff dental care products for dogs and cats, Swedencare has expanded into the pet grooming care arena. The company’s new grooming assortment of Lyxvara luxury skin and coat shampoos and wipes, in tandem with its Swederma lineup of Keto-C therapeutic applications for special skin and coat needs, will make their public debut at Global Pet Expo 2022. Swedencare will showcase the new grooming products from both lines at booth 4909. 

A moisturizing grooming line, Lyxvara includes a Pina Colada–scented product grouping that incorporates oatmeal and aloe into its soap-free shampoo and EZ Derm cleansing wipes. The shampoo formulation contains emollients to restore natural moisture to the skin. Other products in the pure luxury Lyxvara line for both dogs and cats include Bright Whitening Shampoo for a radiant and lustrous coat, unscented EZ Derm Facial and Tear Stain Wipes and a fruity-scented Puppy Tearless Shampoo. 

A therapeutic grooming line, the Swederma Keto-C product group features a fresh cucumber melon scent. It also includes the unscented antiseptic wipes for the topical management of skin conditions. Among the scented products are ear cleaner drops that are safe for daily use, antibacterial and antifungal shampoo, skin spray to nourish the skin and further control irritation, and wound flush for the topical cleansing of puncture wounds, lacerations, abrasions and superficial skin infections on dogs and cats. 


West Paw 

Seaflex is West Paw’s new eco-venture. Made from an exclusive blend of reclaimed and recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex material, this collection of pet toys and feeding accessories saves plastic from winding up in our oceans. Millions of tons of plastic head for the ocean every year bad news for the planet but thanks to a collaboration with Oceanworks, West Paw is safely and responsibly sourcing ocean-bound plastic from threatened coastal areas in Central America and making them into things dogs love. 

The Seaflex collection is made up of four dog toys: Sailz, Drifty (in two sizes), and Snorkl as well as a no-slip dog bowl and doggy placemat. Like Zogoflex, Seaflex is safe and non-toxic: BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, and FDA compliant and recyclable through the Join our Loop program. All products have been tested for Toughness and backed by West Paw’s Love It Guarantee. 

Unique as a seashell, the Seaflex toys all have different swirl patterns within a single colorway to visually conveys the variable nature of the material flow within each molded shape. This was intentional in our product design, as the color mixes within the machine, they produce infinitely unique and beautiful color combinations making each toy unique to its 4-legged owner.  


Yummy Combs 

It’s ingenious. It’s revolutionary. Shape makes the difference. The next generation of dog treats-today. You’ve got to see it to believe it! Visit booth 1504 for a free sample of Yummy Combs, an innovation that is the result of a select few minds with records of success and dedication to helping pets live a happier, healthier and extended life thereby providing more love and enjoyment for owners. This includes creative individuals with an aggregate of over 100 years in the pet industry and some of the industries’ most innovative products. 

Shape is the major innovative component of Yummy Combs with six issued patents and three more pending. The shape is designed to address two major issues of dogs – gulping and reducing and removing dental calculus. Yummy Combs are designed to provide 360-degree flossing and scrubbing to the gum lines. The thin wall design helps Yummy Combs to dissolve rapidly, but more importantly the hexagonal shape is designed to deter gulping as the treat is larger than the opening of the oropharynx. If fed as recommended, the dog cannot gulp the product without first chewing. The revolutionary shape is then packed with 44 percent protein and 12 special wellness ingredients to provide sources of all required amino acids, vitamins and minerals for a dog to survive and thrive. It is low in starch to deter obesity – the No. 1 nutritional issue of dogs. 



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