Fromm Family Introduces Crunchy Os Recklessly Crunchy Dog Treats

Pet Age Staff//March 13, 2019//

Fromm Family Introduces Crunchy Os Recklessly Crunchy Dog Treats

Pet Age Staff //March 13, 2019//

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Press release: Fromm Family Foods

Fromm Family Foods kicks off 2019 with a bang, or rather, a crunch, as it introduces a new line of dog treats. The collection of premium dog treats features eye- catching packaging, fun names and a seriously big crunch that will have dogs begging for more.

Fromm Crunchy Os will join the brand’s variety-driven lines of dog and cat dry entrées, canned diets and baked dog treats. Every new treat recipe features a blend of premium ingredients including meats or cheese, fruits and vegetables with an airy texture that delivers a truly unique and audibly entertaining crunch.

“Expanding our treat business has been a goal for some time,” said Bryan Nieman, brand director and fifth-generation family member for Fromm Family Foods. “We took the time to develop a truly innovative treat with a wildly creative and fun platform that delivers an incredibly memorable experience for pets and their owners.”

The “magic” of Fromm Crunchy Os sparks from a unique manufacturing process designed to “puff up” treats to create a loud crunch when eaten. Special care and handling goes into the time-intensive process to create consistent taste and crunch every time. Fromm is supporting the launch with packaging and a marketing campaign that focuses on the lighthearted aspect of treats for pets with zany characters as spokespersons for each flavor. The irreverent spirit of “Powderkeg Porky”, “Jumpin Jack Giblets” and “Flash Fowler” are reminiscent of well-loved cartoons from the golden age of animation.

Fromm Crunchy Os flavors include:

  • Blueberry Blasts: Chicken, blueberries and a touch of tapioca combine for a delectable treat bursting with flavor
  • Smokin’ Cheese Plosions: Savory and smoky, these crazy crunching treats are made from a blend of cheese and veggies
  • Pumpkin Kran Pow: Formulated with turkey, cranberries and pumpkin, these Thanksgiving-inspired treats make any day a celebration for dogs

Based in Wisconsin, Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned-and-operated company steadfastly committed to innovation and premium pet products. In recent years, Fromm has invested in the creation and expansion of new family-owned manufacturing facilities to further expand its dry and canned diet business and now looks toward the treat market to further expand upon its premium product offerings.

Dedicated to neighborhood pet retailers from the very beginning, all three varieties of new Fromm Crunchy O’s will be available at select specialty stores nationwide beginning in early 2019 with plans to expand the seriously crunchy treat line during the second half of 2019.