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FDA Issues Proposed Rule to Improve Safety of Food for Animals

Pet Age Staff//October 25, 2013//

FDA Issues Proposed Rule to Improve Safety of Food for Animals

Pet Age Staff //October 25, 2013//

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a proposed rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act aimed at strengthening the safety of food for animals, including pet food and animal feed.

The proposed rule would help ensure the safety of food for animals, as well as help prevent food borne illness in humans and animals. This rule is part of the effort mandated by Congress to modernize the food safety system and focuses on preventing food safety problems, rather than relying primarily on responding to problems after they occur. The proposed rule works in concert with standards proposed in July 2013 for imported foods and the accreditation of third party auditors for foreign food facilities.

Under the proposed rule for preventive controls for food for animals, facilities manufacturing, processing, packing and holding animal food, both domestically and abroad, would be required to put into place procedures to minimize or prevent hazards reasonable likely to occur, as well as to follow new current good manufacturing practices.

The proposed rule for preventative controls for food for animals will publish in the Federal Register on Oct. 29, 2013. Comments on this proposed rule are due 120 days from the publication date.