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Cosmos Expands Its Product Portfolio

Pet Age Staff//November 13, 2019//

Cosmos Expands Its Product Portfolio

Pet Age Staff //November 13, 2019//

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Press release: Cosmos Corporation

Cosmos Corporation, a pet care product manufacturer, has acquired a portfolio of bio-enzymatic pet urine odor and stain removal products under the Urine Off, Zorb-it-Up and Urine Buster brand names.

“These brands offer a portfolio of products that expand our reach and enable us to grow within the pet industry. Our companies share a common goal to innovate products for the enrichment of pets and their people and we welcome the opportunity to expand into the cleaning category with established brands,” says Landon Hobson, CEO, Cosmos Corporation.

This acquisition adds to Cosmos Corporation’s portfolio, which includes TropiClean Pet Products and Naturél Promise Pet Products.

“This acquisition allows Cosmos Corporation the opportunity to expand our reach and grow within the pet industry. At closing, nothing will change. We’ll evaluate all aspects of the business following close to ensure we continue to offer a high-quality portfolio of products,” explains James Brandly, associate trade marketing manager, Cosmos Corporation. “Customers will continue to order through established channels, except for the e-commerce portion of the Urine-Off site. The e-commerce portion of the site will no longer be available. Urine-Off growth will be a key priority and focus of the organization. We look forward to expanding the footprint and will continue to enhance the competitive position.”