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Coastal Pet Products Partners with LUMO

Pet Age Staff//August 19, 2019//

Coastal Pet Products Partners with LUMO

Pet Age Staff //August 19, 2019//

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Press release: Coastal Pet Products

LUMO, the pet products company rooted in ground-breaking innovation and design, is officially launching its new Ridgeback Grooming Tool. The product is showcased at the LUMO booth, #4521 as well as the Coastal Pet Products booth, #4035.

“Having been a groomer for over 30 years, I had long struggled with having to switch out tools during the often lengthy groom process,” stated Liz Morrisey, co-founder of LUMO. “Which is why I felt motivated to create a tool which would eliminate the need to switch tools for de-tangling and de-shedding, thus halving the time spent on one pet. The benefits span from groomers physical health to the bottom line. We are so proud of the Ridgeback.”

The patented LUMO Ridgeback Grooming Tool is the newest innovation in the pet grooming category in more than a decade. With its stainless steel rounded, and graduated comb tips, the tool is able to successfully de-tangle hair, while the smaller, more closely aligned pins de-shed all shed hair. Since the tool is not a blade but individual soft rounded pins, there is no threat of scratching or cutting the pets skin or coat during the groom process. Durability tested in all grooming salon conditions, the Ridgeback is safe to use in water without rusting, and can withstand a drop undamaged from 6’.

“With my design background and overwhelming desire to solve problems, as soon as Liz presented me with this challenge, I was consumed with perfecting this solution,” said Brian Murrihy, CEO and co-founder of LUMO. “What we have produced is an incredibly high quality, durable, effective tool which will eliminate the need for more than one grooming tool. The Ridgeback will allow for professional pet groomers to see more clients on average, and will make the pet-owners at-home groom experience a pleasurable and effective one for both the pet and the human!”

LUMO has been able to come to market with the Ridgeback Grooming tool in large part due to the backing and support of influential individuals and companies in the pet products space. Cardinal Pet assisted with the tool’s soft launch at the 2019 Global Pet Expo. Coastal Pet Products has come on as the tools distribution partner.

“As long time industry innovators and pet lovers ourselves, the Coastal Pet team is excited to be partnering with Lumo and leveraging our long standing retail relationships to bring this product to market,” said Kim Stout, president of Coastal Pet Products.

The Ridgeback will be available in select retailers in late Q3/early Q4.