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CleverPet Launches Connected Game Console for Pets

Pet Age Staff//November 22, 2016//

CleverPet Launches Connected Game Console for Pets

Pet Age Staff //November 22, 2016//

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CleverPet, a San Diego, California-based tech startup that uses advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques to provide meaningful interaction with companion animals, recently announced the launch of its core product—the CleverPet Hub. The CleverPet Hub is a connected game console that intelligently trains and engages dogs using their daily food. The first of its kind software-based approach enables pet owners to turn their home into an engaging all-day intelligent playground for their dog, creating new communication channels and relationships with animals.

Combining world-class design with PhD-level expertise in computational neuroscience, CleverPet aims to reduce the loneliness and anxiety caused by daily isolation. The Hub allows dogs to solve puzzles created by touchpads, lights, and sounds that grow harder or easier in real time, uniquely adapting to dogs’ levels of interest and challenge. With this product, the CleverPet team is taking cognitive behavioral training technology previously available only to researchers, and bringing it into the home to provide pets with the daily mental and physical stimulation they crave.cleverpet

“Dogs are amazing and can do so much more than we realize,” CleverPet Co-Founder and CEO Leo Trottie said. “Our goal in launching the CleverPet Hub was to create a product that not only engages minds and addresses boredom, but also creates a unique behavioral connection between dogs and the people who love them. There’s no other product on the market that offers this level of intelligent training, allowing us to learn more about animals and their potential. We’re thrilled to bring this technology to pet parents around the world.”

The CleverPet Hub was introduced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and raised more than $180,000 via a crowdfunding campaign. It is now available on