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Featured: Health, Well-Being of Reptiles Must Remain Top Priority

When selling live animals, our singular focus must always be on one thing: the health and well-being of the pets we provide. While we in the reptile business tend to focus on new and interesting morphs, advancements in supply and food technology, and on finding ways to keep reptiles moving into the hands of our […]

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Choosing the Right Substrate for Reptiles

A few months back, we took a deep look at substrates: the material placed in the bottom of a reptile’s enclosure, which serves as both flooring and bedding for your reptiles. And while we covered a number of the varieties of substrate, as well as the benefits and drawbacks thereof, we received a great deal […] Read More →

Retailers are Offering Feeder Insects Beyond the ‘Normal’ Mealworms or Crickets

In my article in the April issue of Pet Age, I discussed the merits of stocking live food as opposed to frozen or otherwise preserved packaged food. And while both options have their advantages and drawbacks, the fact remains that a pet store should absolutely be stocking some form of reptile food to not only […] Read More →

The Advantages to Offering Live Food In-store

Animals have to eat. There’s no way around it, no way to avoid it, no denying it. The only way to have a pet is to feed it, which means that any savvy pet retailer knows well enough to carry several varieties of food for the various animals carried within their store. I’ve mentioned in […] Read More →

A Whole New World with Exotic Reptile Livestock and Supplies

Exotic is something of a relative term. For many people, the very idea of keeping a lizard, a snake or a frog as a pet is a strange, unorthodox pet choice that is well outside their comfort zone. For those people, a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko is as ‘exotic’ as they might possibly […] Read More →

Tarantulas, Scorpions Gain Popularity

Mankind has a strange relationship with fear. Biologically, fear is part of our primal reactions, meant purely for survival. And yet, we have made an industry out of attempting to scare each other: horror movies have their own cable network, Stephen King is one of the world’s most read authors of all time and Halloween […] Read More →

The Best Beginner Reptiles

As part of my ongoing “Back to Basics” articles, it’s high time that I discuss what will likely become the most important (and possibly the most frequent) question facing reptile retailers: the enigma of the first-time reptile owner. While repeat customers are always the end goal for any retailer, helping customers choose the correct reptile […] Read More →

Reptile Habitats are the Key to Long-term Success

One of the major points that I’ve tried to hammer home throughout my past articles has been the concept that your relationship with a customer does not, and should not, end with the sale of a given animal. In fact, the vast majority of your profit actually lies with subsidiary purchases, such as food and […] Read More →

Replicating Natural Habitats

When examining what goes into a cage or enclosure, a major aspect is the substrate and caging material that comes with keeping a reptile. Substrate, as a general term, refers to the surface upon which a given organism lives. For our context, this refers to a material placed in the bottom of an enclosure, serving […] Read More →

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