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Featured: A Lizard with Appeal

Stumbling upon an interesting article a few days ago revealed information that really bears discussing. According to a 2008 survey conducted by the British Survey of Herpetologists in the United Kingdom, reptiles have now outpaced dogs as pets within the UK. Approximately 8 million reptiles call the British Isles home, compared to approximately 6.5 million […]

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Interior Embellishments

Eager to pump some visual pizzazz into an otherwise drab herp habitat? Want to feng shui your way to a more aesthetically appealing enclosure that reptiles can appreciate, too? It’s time to multitask as an interior “pet-corator” and earn the trust of your customers by stocking and recommending the best décor products for scaly companions—because […] Read More →

A Rising Star

Often overshadowed by their turtle compatriots, tortoises are a rising star of the reptile world. Sociable, friendly and easy to care for, tortoises could be one of your staples as the variety of reptiles widens within your store. The biggest difference between turtles and tortoises lies in their chosen habitat. While turtles prefer aquatic environments, […] Read More →

Herp-itats are Hot

It’s been said that home is where the heart is. But for pet store retailers, reptile homes are where the heart of your herp-related sales can come from. That’s because, unlike your typical shoebox variety plastic hamster habitat or conventionally compact bird cage, terrariums and enclosures for cold-blooded critters tend to come relatively larger, higher […] Read More →

Seasonality and Trends

The appeal of reptiles as pets has been rising in the United States, but we often forget about the global appeal that reptiles have. Numerous countries have begun to indulge in the reptile trade, with China and other Far East countries leading the charge in reptiles as pets. Within an emerging economy, Chinese reptile lovers […] Read More →

Reptile Rations

When considering different packaged foods, reptile owners make their selections based on similar criteria as other pet owners. They want the foods to be healthy and, ideally, natural. “Reptile keepers’ number one concern is whether the food is providing their animal with the proper nutrients required to keep them healthy,” said Trevor MacLean, national director […] Read More →

Love at First Leopard

While it’s always wise to cater to your repeat customers, one of the best ways to ‘convert’ a potential reptile owner to a lifelong reptile lover is through an animal best fitted to a reptile newbie. One of the best reptiles for just this function—and one of the bestselling reptiles across the board—is the leopard […] Read More →

Get Crabby

Hermit crabs are perennial favorites in the pet industry. Their cute appearance, ease of care and interesting behaviors make them popular pets, especially for families with young children. Despite these attributes, the popularity of hermit crabs does not appear to be growing, according to Paul Manger, manager at Florida Marine Research, one of the largest […] Read More →

Beat the Heat

While many people can’t wait for summer to arrive, summer can prove to be a difficult time for reptile retailers. While kids are out of school, the lure of vacations, poolside lounging and amusement parks often supersedes interest in a new pet. However, that’s not to say that pet retailers are at the mercy of […] Read More →

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