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California Natural Introduces New Packaging, Grain-Free Formula

Pet Age Staff//September 9, 2013//

California Natural Introduces New Packaging, Grain-Free Formula

Pet Age Staff //September 9, 2013//

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The Natura Pet Products brand California Natural introduced new packaging throughout its base line that highlights its Pure & Simple philosophy of a limited ingredient diet.

In addition, California Natural also launched new Grain Free Pork Meal & Sweet Potatoes Formula Adult Dog Food.

The new packaging boasts a refreshing, modern design, and provides additional information related to the number of key ingredients, feeding guidelines and nutritional purposes of its products.

All base line formulas have eight or less key ingredients, which are easily recognized by icons displayed on the packaging.

To use the fewest possible ingredients and deliver superior nutrition, California Natural selects ingredients that are nutrient-rich, easily digestible and meet exceptional quality standards. With the exception of its weight management products, all California Natural formulas feature premium-quality protein as the first ingredient.

The California Natural Grain Free family of products is designed with carefully selected ingredients and consistent fat and fiber levels to ease sensitivities associated with diet transitions, enabling pet owners to feed more variety and rotate with confidence.

The new California Natural Grain Free Pork Meal and Sweet Potatoes Formula joins five other grain free dog food recipes that enable pet owners to provide their pet a range of protein sources, each with a unique profile of naturally occurring amino acids.

Pork is a unique protein, and the combination of pork and sweet potato is a flavorful alternative for pets sensitive to common ingredients such as chicken or grains.