Bundle x Joy, BestyBnB Partner to Support Safe Stays for Pets in Domestic Violence Situations

Pet Age Staff//August 9, 2023//

Bundle x Joy, BestyBnB Partner to Support Safe Stays for Pets in Domestic Violence Situations

Pet Age Staff //August 9, 2023//

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Press release: Bundle x Joy

Bundle x Joy, a women-led pet care brand offering premium superfood nutrition and products that bring joy to pets and people, recently announced its partnership with BestyBnB, an innovative tech platform that helps social service and animal wellness agencies secure safe, temporary homes for owners’ pets during their time of crisis so they can seek help. As part of this partnership, Bundle x Joy will be donating $10,000 to sponsor safe stays for pets in need that are in the midst of a domestic violence situation.

Considering a National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) survey of domestic violence survivors indicated that 88 percent of respondents delayed seeking shelter due to concern over their pets’ safety, this contribution will play an important role in helping affected individuals find temporary shelter while giving them the peace of mind that their pets are being cared for. Additionally, Bundle x Joy will help recruit volunteer caregivers with dedicated marketing and social media support, along with a free bundle of dog treats when caregivers are approved to provide Safe Nights in their local community.

“Growing up in Southern California, pets were always at the center of our home. When crisis hits, our pets provide much needed joy and love that can fill even the darkest of moments. That’s why we are committed to supporting keeping people and pets together, helping women to find strength when they need it most,” said Jess Berger, Bundle x Joy founder.

The initial launch of the partnership will take place in San Diego, California, marking BestyBnB’s expansion into the West Coast, and building on its notable growth and momentum since its official launch in the summer of 2022. In less than a year, BestyBnB has provided over 2,000 safe nights for pets with a 100 percent reunification rate.

“We built BestyBnB to remove barriers and save lives. Important partnerships like this one help bring the community together to achieve our shared goal: making services more accessible and helping pets and their people remain connected and lifelong companions,” said Andy Bond, BestyBnB co-founder.

To promote awareness of this important initiative, Bundle x Joy will also launch a social media campaign which highlights the need for more foster pet parents and the ease and speed of signing up. By expanding awareness of BestyBnB’s services, the collaboration seeks to reach more individuals in need and encourage greater community involvement. As women are more likely to be victims of intimate partner violence, it also aligns with Bundle x Joy’s three percent giveback initiative dedicated to funding women entrepreneurs and women in local communities.

In San Diego, CA, Bundle x Joy will collaborate with Your Safe Place – A Family Justice Center. Your Safe Place provides confidential, comprehensive services to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, family violence, elder abuse, sexual assault or sex trafficking.

San Diego city attorney Mara W. Elliott said, “Helping those experiencing domestic violence escape their abusers can mean the difference between life and death. That is why the San Diego City Attorney’s Office does everything in its power to provide safety, shelter and a fresh start to those being harmed. We are very grateful for the partnership with Bundle x Joy and BestyBnB, because it removes yet another barrier some face before seeking help. It gives Your Safe Place’s clients the confidence they need to seek safety and security for themselves and their dependents, including – now – their pets.”

Bundle x Joy is shaking up the pet industry by putting purpose at the center of your pup’s wellness through premium superfood nutrition, curated products, and a three percent give-back to fund women in entrepreneurship and local communities. The company delivers joy to every pup in our curated bundles of dog food, treats, supplements and supplies, including customized bundles for specific dietary needs. Founded by Jess Berger, Bundle x Joy leads the way as a Latina-founded company, on a mission to bring dog people together and support diverse companies in their curated Joy Shop. In addition to Sprouts and Whole Foods Market, Bundle x Joy is available direct-to-consumer through its website and Amazon.

BestyBnB is an impact driven, tech platform that supports Pet Advocacy Programming for both Social Services and Animal Welfare Agencies and enables them to find safe and confidential temporary housing for client’s pets until they can be reunited. To date, BestyBnB has worked extensively with over 27 Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Houseless/Housing Services, and Animal Wellness Agencies in eight states to remove barriers and get survivors, children, patients, veterans and pets out of crisis and into safety. BestyBnB’s mission is to keep Pets and People safe, together and connected for life by removing the barriers Pets may create to accessing Social Services and preventing Owner Surrenders.