Building Bonds: Pet Brands Help Connect Consumers, Companion Animals

Glenn Polyn//July 1, 2023//

Building Bonds: Pet Brands Help Connect Consumers, Companion Animals

Glenn Polyn //July 1, 2023//

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The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. This includes, among other things, emotional, psychological and physical interactions of people and their pets. 

According to Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), millions of Americans view pets as family and count on their unconditional love. While it’s hard to put a value on the human-animal bond and what it means for pet parents, HABRI commissioned a new economic impact report– made possible by a grant from Banfield Pet Hospital – that found that pet ownership saves the U.S. health care system $22.7 billion every year. 

The report was co-authored by Terry L. Clower, PhD and Tonya E. Thornton, PhD, MPPA, both of whom have extensive expertise in economic and public policy research. Their analysis not only reflects savings from better overall health for pet owners in the form of fewer doctor visits per year, but also tracks specific savings for key public health issues, including reduced obesity, reduced infections and better mental health for children, seniors and our nation’s veterans. 

“The results of this analysis are conservative and likely underestimate the positive health care savings connected to pet ownership,” said Dr. Clower.  

“By commissioning this economic report, we are documenting the important role of pets as valued contributors to public health,” added Steven Feldman, president of HABRI. “This data suggests that there should be stronger societal support for keeping pets and people healthy together.” 

Toys are arguably the top pet product that nurtures the relationship between a companion animal and its pet parent. After all, playtime is fun for both the parent as well as the dog or cat. Interactive toys especially encourage the human-animal bond, promoting mental stimulation and engaging in the animal’s natural instincts while teaching the pet problem-solving skills in an entertaining manner.  

However, it’s the pet parent who is buying the toy, so manufacturers know that the product must catch the customer’s eye. Many of today’s toy manufacturers, such as Tall Tails, have crafted iconic and eye-catching designs that pet parents are embracing as they seek a product that has a fun appearance while also attracting the attention of their companion animal.  

“All Tall Tails toys have the opportunity to enhance the bond we share between our animals,” said George Barton, marketing manager at Tall Tails. “With the newly released GOAT fetch toy collection, pet parents can throw, fetch and repeat with their dog. Fetch is the purest form of interactive play a pet parent can do to build and enhance the bond they share with their best friend.” 

Grooming is a vital part of keeping a pet’s coat and skin clean and healthy. The more we do it, the better the animal looks and feels. Officially launching at Global Pet Expo in 2016, HandsOn Gloves have been designed in a way that not only makes them an excellent grooming tool, but also an important product that creates a unique bonding experience between a pet parent and its companion animal, be it a dog, cat, horse or other pet. 

The gloves, which are made of nylon fabric, have numerous rubber nodules on the fingers and palm. The nodules on the gloves catch the hair and, once the gloves get too full, a shake of the hands causes the collection of hair to fall off. What makes the gloves so effective is their ability to contour to the shape of the animal’s body. 

In addition to the nodules providing a deep and thorough clean, they also massage the pet to improve circulation while distributing natural oils and promoting a healthy skin and coat. 

“HandsOn is making grooming as natural as petting while creating a better bond with your animals,” explained Jay Michaelson, founder and CEO of HandsOn Gloves. “With a glove on each hand and no device in between you and your pet, it is simply you giving your pet a loving massage. They immediately light up with joy every time and will seek you out if they see the gloves. This love fest between human and pet is great for both parties and makes us want to groom this way daily, leading to a healthier and shinier coat along with a bonding experience like no other.” 

Obedience training is essential when it comes to nurturing a healthy human-animal relationship and raising a social pet. Company of Animals, which was founded by Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979, is constantly researching and developing new products to help resolve a variety of pet-related behavior issues. The primary drive of the company has always been to develop products that help pet parents and companion animals find an enriched life and to improve animal welfare.  

In 2022, Dr. Mugford and the team at Company of Animalsrelaunched the Pet Correctorbrand with a new W.A.G campaign. This training acronym (Witness, Act, Give) has been designed to support consumers in getting the best out of Pet Corrector and their dogs. By emphasizing the need for immediate action and instant positive reinforcement, undesirable behavior can be addressed quickly and effectively using a constructive and encouraging method. 

Emitting a loud, startling noise that interrupts your dog’s behavior and redirects their attention, the Pet Corrector is a safe and effective way to stop unwanted behaviors in dogs. It’s also easy to use and can be used with dogs of all sizes and breeds. If you’re looking for a training aid to help stop unwanted behaviors in your dog, the Company of Animals Pet Corrector is a great option. 

“For over 40 years we have been dedicated to giving dogs the best possible quality of life, so owners and canines can enjoy life together to the full,” said Dr. Mugford. “For many, happiness is compromised by new, disruptive, or even dangerous behaviors. Like us, all dogs have their good and bad days and life molds our behavior through our experiences of events which can be rewarding or punishing. Drive through a red light and you will be punished. Come to work and you will be paid. We invented Pet Corrector and the W.A.G campaign to be used in tandem and help dog owners all over the globe to get back to the good stuff – enjoying life with their pet.” 

With an HABRI survey showing 95 percent of pet owners from around the world consider their pet to be part of their family, the human-animal bond is as powerful as ever. No matter the category, pet manufacturers and their products play an important role in the relationship between animals and their pet parents.