Brands are Taking on SuperZoo

Megan Jander//August 14, 2019//

Brands are Taking on SuperZoo

Megan Jander //August 14, 2019//

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Since 1950, World Pet Association’s SuperZoo has established itself as the most-attended pet industry trade show in the United States. With every passing year, more and more companies gather to connect, learn and do business. After 2018’s show amassed 9,800 attendees, many brands this year are looking forward to expanding collaborations and presenting the latest products in the city that boasts itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World.


Spectrum Brands Global Pet Care, the makers of Marineland, Tetra and GloFish, is driven to set a higher standard of living for pets of all kinds and those who care for them. Beyond the products it offers, Spectrum strives to create a positive fishkeeping experience that is fulfilling and enriching to the lives of consumers.

“Research shows that just watching fish in their environments can decrease a person’s blood pressure and heart rate,” said Sean Raines, senior director of marketing-Aquatics and BSA, Spectrum Brands. “Our solutions enhance that experience, for example, by reducing the noise of the filter, keeping water clear of waste and keeping fish healthy for longer.”

This year at SuperZoo, Spectrum is showcasing new and popular products under its brand categories. Its Marineland brand has two new products, including the Exhibit Integrated Series. The Exhibit Integrated Series provides higher-end environments that are built for beauty and conveniently conceal an integrated multi-stage filtration system within the stand.

Its Tetra brand will be showcasing three products, including the new Tetra Connect 28-Gallon Curved Aquarium Kit. This kit is designed to simplify fish keeping with the ability to automate environment essentials like lighting and feeding. Each kit includes Tetra Connect LED Lights, designed to complement décor themes and offer customizable options, and Tetra Connect Feeder, capable of feeding a variety of food types and species while fish keepers are away.

And its GloFish brand will be illustrating Bringing Color To Life, where retailers are invited to experience a colorful array of GloFish fluorescent fish shown in a darkened gallery room, as well as view a video that highlights fun facts about fishkeeping. Visitors can also see the brand’s newest member, the GloFish Betta, and other GloFish products.

Spectrum’s key message this year is focused on “Passion. Innovation. Superior Products.” To illustrate this, the Spectrum Brands’ booth will feature product demonstrations, videos, interactive exhibits and new displays that highlight why its products are staples in pet-owning homes.

“As one of the world’s leading pet care products companies, we’re committed to enhancing the lives of pets and those who care for them,” Raines explained. “We deliver on that commitment by investing in exciting product innovation, maintaining high-quality standards and continuing to build on our strong relationships with the retailers that consumers depend on.”


High-quality standards are what have led Kaytee to be in the pet bird business for over 150 years. Its expertise and state-of-the-art processing means quality that is built into ever product, ensuring the health, security and comfort of each pet bird.

“We are passionate about innovation and quality, and work to best serve our customers every single day,” said Emily Freeman, associate brand manager, Kaytee, a Central Garden & Pet Company.

Kaytee’s most popular products are its complete diet foods, specifically its family of exact food products: Kaytee exact Rainbow, exact Natural and exact Hand Feeding Formula. Kaytee exact Rainbow and exact Natural are nuggets that contain “exact nutrition” that ensure the bird gets exactly the right nutrition to produce better feathering, brighter colors and maintain excellent health. The exact Hand Feeding Formula was one of the first “instant” formulas available and promotes growth, weaning, development and bright plumage.

Additionally, its Honey Treat Sticks and Spray Millet are two treats that are popular with its customers. Spray Millet is good for encouraging weaning and getting birds to eat on their own. It’s highly palatable, natural with no artificial colors or preservatives and ideal for bonding and playtime. And its Honey Treat Sticks are a fun-to-eat way to add activity and variety to a pet bird’s diet.

Variety is a key part of a pet bird’s diet, and this is something Kaytee offers with its products. All its food products are mixed and/or extruded on site in Chilton, Wisconsin. Its facility is SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certified, meaning it has been certified internationally as a safe environment for the creation and packaging of food products. Because Kaytee believes in variety, this will be the theme of its display at SuperZoo this year. Kaytee will be showing an assortment of food and treat products for pet birds and small animals.

“We will be ready and willing to help educate buyers about the benefits of our products and working with Kaytee,” Freeman said.


One of the benefits to American Wood Fibers is that as a leader in the field of specialty wood products, it has been providing pet comfort and odor control for over five decades. This is most evident in its small and large animal bedding.

“We choose only quality, natural materials. Our products are all-natural and contain zero artificial or unsafe chemical additives for added performance,” said Amy Cohen, national account manager-pet products/accounts for American Wood Fibers. “In addition, we strive to make a positive contribution to the environment through waste utilization, sourcing only top quality raw materials.”

While its wood bedding products, like PetsPick Soft Pine and PetsPick Red Cedar, are popular for small animals, paper bedding is quickly becoming a popular item due to its eco-friendly soft, odor-absorbent qualities. American Wood Fibers’ PetsPick Uber Soft Paper Bedding is good for all pets and is super absorbent of six times its weight. American Wood Fibers only uses virgin food-grade paper, which is safe for all pets.

So at this year’s SuperZoo, American Wood Fibers is giving visitors a sneak peek at the new and improved version of PetsPick Uber Soft Paper Bedding, which now has 14-day odor control. This makes it last longer than any other type of bedding. While this will be one of the main highlights, American Wood Fibers has a simple plan for its booth overall.

“We will have all our animal products on display, and will also be showcasing our PetsPick Small Pet bedding and America’s Choice Animal bedding,” Cohen said.

Prevue Pet Products has been making small animal homes and accessories for more than 25 years. Its most popular products are hamster, guinea pig, ferret and rabbit homes and habitats. However, there has been a growing popularity of “unusual” small animals like sugar gliders, chinchillas and hedgehogs.

“Prevue has expanded and fine-tuned its small animal home lines to cater to the needs and comforts of a variety of small pets – not just traditional small animals,” said Jason Savitt, president and CEO of Prevue Pet Products.

By directly addressing the specific needs of animals such as sugar gliders, rats, chinchillas and hedgehogs, Prevue now offers more variety in cage sizes and homes with special features. It offers homes with tighter wire spacing, thicker wiring to accommodate pets who like to gnaw and chew and habitats for animals that need more space to jump and take flight. Instead of lumping these pets into a general small animal category, Prevue’s goal is to give a voice to and provide the proper habitat for each animal and their specific needs.

That’s why at this year’s SuperZoo, Prevue will be displaying two homes with tighter wire spacing: Small Animal House and the four-level Deluxe Critter Home. Prevue will also be displaying a bunch of new products. These products include the new hamster/gerbil habitats with more space and fun features, the new size Multi-Colored Small Animal Play Pen, which is an 18-inch high pen perfect for guinea pigs and any small animal that likes to hope by not leap, and its line of Whisper Quiet Exercise Wheels, which is now available in three different sizes to accommodate small animals from hamsters to hedgehogs.

“Small pet owners should no longer have to guess which cage or accessories they need for their more unusual pet,” Savitt explained. “Prevue prides itself in listening to the needs of our customers and providing high-quality solutions for every pet parent and their specific animal.”


Nulo, which has been producing high-meat, low-carbohydrate food for a decade, is all about high-quality solutions. Nulo’s FreeStyle line of foods, launched in 2014, began as a predominantly kibble-based product but expanded to include cans, pouches, freeze-dried raw and a variety of treats.

“Our nutritional platform is rooted in high animal-based protein and low carbohydrate levels, with low-glycemic ingredients, and supported by the patented GanedenBC30 probiotic,” said Heather Acuff, product development manager for Nulo.

Nulo is launching two new product lines at SuperZoo this year, both of which respond to unmet needs from natural pet products retailers. Nulo Challenger is an ultra-premium, high-meat kibble line with industry-leading, animal-based protein levels of up to 90 percent. It will feature a variety of meats sourced from sustainable systems, including pasture-raised lamb, U.S-raised Guinea Fowl and wild-caught Acadian Redfish paired with nutrient-dense ancient grains like organic oats, organic barley and organic millet. Nulo Frontrunner is Nulo’s second line of grain-based formulas that will open up the Nulo family of products to additional consumers with a competitive value positioning that still maintains high animal-based protein levels (77 percent) and a commitment to low carbohydrate levels and wholesome grains like oats, barley and brown rice.

Both new lines will contain guaranteed levels of taurine and the patented GanedenBC30 probiotic for optimal digestive and immune support.

Bare Bites has been a full-time venture starting in 2013. After test batching some dog treats and becoming a full-fledged company, the basis of the company was to meet the retailers’ needs, including no minimums and free shipping over a certain amount.

“We take great pride in our products and our customer service,” said Allison Levitt, owner of Bare Bites.

Bare Bites is all about simplicity when it comes to its products. Its original product, which is also the most popular, is 100 percent USDA dehydrated liver treats. No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives, just dehydrated beef liver. And all of Bare Bites’ USDA protein products are solely manufactured at a Level SqF3 facility. No other dog products for other companies are manufactured there.

Bare Bites is debuting its new protein treat, Piggy Pack, at SuperZoo this year. Upholding its premium standards, Piggy Pack is made of 100 percent USDA dehydrated pork and is available in three size packs: 3oz, 6oz and one pound. Piggy Pack is also available in bulk.

“We look forward to meeting our exciting clients and friends and hoping to gain new customers. Our booth is a lot of fun and we know how hard everyone in the industry works, and we recognize that, so there will be free samples and lots of laughs abound,” Levitt explained.

Indipets Inc., established in 2004, markets bowls and feeders for dogs and cats and is known for great quality, reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

“Our love for pets brought us into this business. Throughout the years, Indipets has earned the trust and appreciation from our customers,” said Sumit Sethi, president of Indipets Inc.

Many of the new, innovative designs in the bowl, feeder and waterer market tackle specific problems that pet owners have with their current feeding options/ Indipets’ bowls are designed to improved digestion and reduce neck strain. And products like elevated food and water bowls are still very popular, especially for the large-breed dogs. There is also a growing demand for heavier feeders and waterers to prevent the bowls from moving with more aggressive pets. Indipets’ Heavy/Premium Dishes and Super Max Bowls are most popular due to their durable design and unique features, like bonded non-skid rubber to prevent sliding. So at this year’s SuperZoo, Indipets is bringing out its new products—Buster Bowls, Jack & Jill Collection and Four-in-One Cat Scratcher and Feeder – that highlight these features and more.


Dr. Elsey started manufacturing cat litter in 1985, with cleanprotein cat food being launched in 2017. This made Dr. Elsey’s Cat Products the only feline-focused and veterinarian-owned, original solutions-based cat product company that addresses the true needs of cats and their pet parents.

“We put our heart, soul and science into our products—it’s all about pets, not profit,” said Gina Zaro, director of marketing for Dr. Elsey’s Cat Products.

Dr. Elsey’s litters address specific issues. For example, inappropriate elimination and nonuse of the litterbox are addressed with Cat Attract and Kitten Attract. The newest litter product, Clean Tracks, is an unscented natural clay, medium-grain particle that provides low tracking and low dust. And Dr. Elsey’s also expanded its cleanprotein line of premium cat foods to include new canned pâtés – single-source duck, single-source pork, single-source salmon, duck & turkey and rabbit & turkey. All these products and more will be displayed at SuperZoo this year. And with its recent expansion of its cat food, SuperZoo will be the perfect avenue to educate retailers on the benefits of cleanprotein.

“SuperZoo gives us the platform to discuss opportunities, products and trends,” Zaro explained.

Tomlyn Veterinary Science has been developing veterinarian-formulated products for cats since its founding in 1976. Tomlyn focuses on quality and value so the cat parent is confident they are providing their cat with the best supplements to support a long and healthy life.

“Tomlyn Veterinary Science is more than a name, it’s how we develop our products with on-staff veterinarians in several departments to ensure products are created for a purpose and to the highest standards,” said Brittany Green, product manager for Tomlyn Veterinary Science.

The cat category in pet supplements is moving in a very positive direction. Cats require their own products with different insights, research and development to provide the appropriate solution for their needs. Hairball Remedy remains a product cat parents regularly seek to help their cats during shedding season. And to complement it, Tomlyn is launching two new products at this year’s SuperZoo. Loose Stool Remedy – Firm Fast helps occasional loose stool due to situational intestinal distress. It comes in two tasty formats: an oral gel in two sizes and tablets in 10ct bottles. The other product is Urinary Tract Health to help maintain a normal urinary tract function and healthy waste elimination. The tasty beef tablets are available in two sizes, 30ct and 60ct bottles.

“Advancements in other categories spark innovation throughout the industry so inspiration can come from anywhere,” Green concluded. “This show never disappoints, and I can’t wait to see what everyone has to offer!”


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